‘Chicago Med’ 7×10 Review: “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished… In Chicago”

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  1. Rich says:

    I have been happy with Med for this season. I think they have done a good job over all with their stories. I have also liked the fact that no one is dating within the hospital. I think Med needed to do what PD did in Season 5, which was not have anyone involved within the unit (though Kim and Adam did hook up once in that season). I hope they don’t go down the road of this mother-daughter love triangle with Dr. Marcel, we all know how that will end. If they are going to pair anyone together, I would like to see Dr. Hammer and Dr. Scott. They seem to have some chemistry and we have seen Will in a relationship before. I have liked Dr. Archer. He is not a pure villain like Woods or Gorsch were in PD and Fire. He’s prickly, direct and makes for a good foil for everyone else. Everyone is not always going to get along and this season he has affected things in big ways and small ways sometimes causing problems and sometimes solving them. Having his character support Will concerning his under cover work for Goodwin is consistent with how his character acts. If Will does “the right thing” in his eyes Archer will support him, if not he’ll criticize him and will not hold back in his criticism. There will be conflict between Archer and Choi. I can also see Goodwin ready to reinstate Choi as head of the ED and being over-ruled by the new quality control, PR expert we just met saying “the ED has been run more efficiently under Archer than Choi,” to cause problems for Goodwin.

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