‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×10 Review “Home Safe”

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  1. Rich says:

    There are some fans that do not like the relationship aspects of Chicago PD and for them this was a great episode. I also think having a case centric episode was probably a good thing. The custody issue with Mikayla raises some interesting possibilities. Having Adam and Kim in the same unit involved in dangerous cases could be a negative for them. In Chicago Fire, Trudy is going to transfer a young officer who was struggling to the 21st to help him and give him a better training officer. Imagine if Kim became that training officer, not permanently but for this season and maybe into season 10. This would give us the old dynamic with patrol and more Trudy Platt. Voight could still use Kim and she could still have plenty of interaction with Intelligence like she did when she was partnered with Roman. The Intelligence Unit could also use a new member particularly a person of color since it is unrealistic for a unit that does undercover work in Chicago to have only 1 person of color. How they have not had a scene with Hank and Hailey during Season 8 where Hank says “they moved Rojas back into a long term under cover assignment” or some other explanation is beyond me. It’s a 30 second conversation. I was disappointed that we did not get a scene in Molly’s with the Intelligence Unit, Platt and Will toasting Jay and Hailey on their marriage.

  2. Alice says:

    I wish they hadn’t used the cuss word by daming God in this episode. Is there no other words they could have used……this is prime time…..not everyone wants to hear this kind of language

  3. Eula says:

    I am glad they did not focus the show on Hailey and Jay. I do not agree with them at all. Every time I see Hailey and Jay they
    makes me 🤮. I love everyone else. Jay and Erin was hot. Hailey not so much. Love me some Atwater and Voight. Kim and Adam I adore. Trust is Trust, lol. I miss Erin.

  4. Michael McCullough says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how the Roy episode was more about Haley and not Kim. Then there’s everybody has slept with everyone, I would’ve at least liked to have seen Kevin and Vanessa have some type of relationship but of course they killed her off without even offering up some type of storyline. Halstead and Upton, nah. Ruzek and Burgess need to have some type of conversation about what they lost, yes they need to also focus on a stable life for Makayla, that little girl has been through a lot and to move her from Kim and Adam is a no way. I somewhat would’ve like to have seen Voight and Olivia have some type of relationship even though he’s Chicago and she’s NY, would’ve been nice. I don’t know about everyone else, I am a Hank Voight fan, he really focuses in on keep his city clean and safe. But at the same time curb those tendencies. I didn’t see Commander Miller, 8s she still with the show and what is going on with all the changes with Voights Bosses? Food for thought.

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