In Defense of Penelope Featherington of Bridgerton…Again

Bridgerton 2x04 Victory
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  1. dora says:

    I agree. What a dilemma!

  2. “She gives Eloise three days to become her ally or face her wrath.” The obvious solution is for Penelope to agree to be the queen’s ally, unless you think there is some principle of Penelope’s that this would violate. (Seems unlikely, the way she’s being portrayed.) At least she should go and ‘fess up to the queen. I find her claim that the queen will never believe her to be disingenuous and convenient. I’m pretty sure she could prove her identity. She could also demonstrate her identity by asking the queen to give her a fake gossip item and writing a (fake) article around it at the palace.

  3. For Marina, Penelope could have told Colin (more than just she loves someone else), Eloise, Violet, or even Anthony instead of the whole ton.

    So, no, I am not a Show Penelope defender. The book and show versions are very different. I am an Eloise Defender.

    “To me, it’s not a sound storytelling strategy to villainize a character who will be one half of a future couple on the show.” Agreed. But the first two seasons have basically been Penelope’s Villain Origin Story. Which is fine if you want a villain. We’ll see whether the writers can redeem her. Some will be happy, regardless.

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