Kristy Dawn Dinsmore Exits Role As Ava O’Shea In ‘This Man Movie’

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  1. Debbie W says:

    I wish Ms Dinsmore much success in her career but if I am being honest her casting was just not the right age or look of the character as described in the book. I feel they got Jesse just right but we need to have the same feeling for our Ava and it was clear from the lead up to her reveal that either her casting was truly delayed and then when it was announced it was totally lackluster like all the others. Then the one teaser she filmed was just not it! Not the Ava of Mrs Malpas creation and it was clear from all the bts pictures with Jodi and Toska with Tyler Cook and absolutely crickets with Kristie that something was afoot. I would love to know who ultimately made the decision but I can live with the suspense because I was so not feeling her for our Ava. Take your time to find the perfect Ava to compliment our effect Jesse nothing less is acceptable. It’s much too important to This Man Stans to nail down the right Ava. And have they just not cast John or has he been left off the adaptation???

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