‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×01 Preview: “Let it Bleed” 

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  1. Rich says:

    I was very disappointed to hear that Jesse Lee Soffer will be leaving the show. I wanted to see a big confrontation between Halstead and Voight. What they were building to will not happen, unless Tracy Spiridakos also leaves the show which does not seem likely. The only silver lining is the future of Chicago PD. All of the One Chicago shows are up for renewal at the end of this year. One Chicago wins Wednesdays, but Chicago PD is the lowest rated among the One Chicago shows and with NBC considering eliminating the 10:00 p.m. hour of programming, I was worried about CPD’s future. If this was to be the last season of Chicago PD, they would not have needed to announce this and they could have simply ended the show with Halstead a part of it. This leads me to suspect that Chicago PD will get at least one more season beyond season 10, maybe 2. I could see a scenario where Fire and Med each get another 3 years and PD gets 1 or 2.

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