‘The Good Fight’ 6×01 Review: “The Beginning of the End”

The Good Fight 6x01
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  1. Alice Abraham says:

    As someone similarly sensitive to, and disappointed by, Jewish representation in entertainment, I find your calling out of insidious tropes extremely worthy and welcome. Interestingly I don’t feel this qualifies, if only because while sneaky conspiratorial omniscience certainly falls squarely within the toxic stereotypes, I find the kind of full-on gangster criminality this character exhibits — ‘the type of bad,’ as you noted — sort of refreshing with a Yeshiva-worthy name (and face) attached. Fictional swaggering thugs of every other ethnic stripe are generally embraced as harmlessly enjoyable villains without bearing the cross of representation, so why not ours? And the Kings have never been shy about populating their world with explicitly Jewish characters, or even giving them familiar idiosyncrasies. Your and many fans’ affection for Alan Cumming’s Eli Gold forgives not only the character’s unapologetic high-strung supercilious obnoxiousness but his non-Jewish casting– both of which risk crossing the line but wind up sticking the landing. Of course it’s only episode one, but I give the show the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    1. Shana says:

      Thank you so much for this. I was wondering, all along both times I watched this episode *and* when I was trying to write this review, if it was just a matter of headspace for me. I also had to go with my honest opinion, for better or worse, as much as possible. But I’m truly glad to be able to think through it and engage in dialogue to see where Ben-Baruch might not actually fit into the category of problematic.

      It’s always complicated and difficult to figure out which bad/type of bad will get me, and I honestly can’t say as I know why this one, specifically, did it for me more than others. This, and a couple things (obviously can’t say) that come later, are why I was like…”I really don’t know what my opinion on this season is” in the advance review. It’s like…how to put this…I can single out (I hope) well-reasoned points for why I don’t like this or that character or conversation, but I also know I’ve liked plenty of things in spite of those issues before.

      You also make a really good point about Eli, as well as about Cumming playing him. I *do* love the character so very, very much, yet have definitely called out non-Jewish casting of clearly Jewish characters in other settings.

      With all that being said, I do trust the Kings overall, have never gotten the vibe that they intend to offend anyone (other than the same types of people I, personally, often hope to offend), and have seen them do amazing things over the years.

      I all that makes sense.

  2. Ricki Rose Heck says:

    The Diane “high” and irritating laugh is very old. I hope she gets a story line that has some substance. If not. I’m done

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