‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×01 Review: “Let It Bleed”

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  1. Rich says:

    I think Voight is very interesting. I know we disagree on this point. I see an irony in Hailey’s conversation with Voight. I think both of them are in denial. I don’t think either of them are OK at the moment. Voight is dealing with a loss he feels responsible for by lashing out and by keeping the streets clean “so Anna’s death means something.” Hailey regrets killing Anna and unfortunately she is dealing with it as she always deals with her issues, she is burying the problem and not talking about it with anyone even Jay. My guess, and it is only a guess, is Hailey and Voight will end up coming together to work out their guilt over Anna’s death. It’s the only thing that makes sense if Hailey stays in Intelligence and Jay leaves for another unit. I am hoping Jay gets promoted and heads up another unit. Hailey, as his wife, could not work in that unit. Their marriage continues offscreen, it won’t feel the same, but at least Upstead would get a happy ending.

    I was glad Dante was added to the cast. I love the fact that in comparison to Ruzek, the only other member of Intelligence pulled straight from the academy, he is his polar opposite personality wise. Ruzek never shut up, Dante rarely speaks. Ruzek was ready, shoot aim. Dante already seems to be calm cool and collected. This also gives the show a chance to slowly build his character over the course of the season.

    Not sure what to think of the new chief. Crowley, Brennan and Kelton were adversarial towards Voight in different ways. Crawford was a push over. Miller was somewhere in between, but more of a friend than a foe. Is he going to be friend or foe? He clearly isn’t a “by the book commander.”

  2. Pat Franz says:

    I hate Jesse is leaving the show and i hope he is moving on to bigger and better things,yes the show won’t be the same but it has to go on,they shouldn’t have killed Anna off,i think she would have settled Voight down,but i think she’s in hiding with her son and he knows it,but we’ll see.I’m glad the new guy is coming aboard and we need to give him a chance.I’ll watch no matter what.

  3. Pamela Dennison says:

    I thought the show was great as usual

  4. Paula ewing says:

    I agree with the writer about so many things mentioned. I hate to see Vought hurt people and break the law. Hallstead seems to be the only balanced, honest, and adult in the show. ( I realize the writers are responsible for this). I am sorry Jay is leaving, maybe bring back Antonio and have his addiction be under control.
    It is up to the writers.

  5. Robyn says:

    My comment won’t be a popular one I’m sure but here goes. The show was always one of my favorites, last season I stopped watching, I got tired of all the hooking up that went on. It’s gotten so predictable, Jay/Erin, Jay/Hailey, Kim with…. well everyone. I remember back when the show was worth watching, detective AL told Kim she was a “badge bunny” He of course was right. Really miss that character on the show. I decided to give it one more shot and watch this episode, with Jay leaving the show it has become somewhat interesting again. Having a married couple as police partners and Kim & Adam’s constant drama is all a bit to much! Let’s get back to the real police work.

  6. Hunter Catlett says:

    Hayley was just awful this episode, I thought. I agree with the above poster that she is burying her fault (again!) this time with Anna’s death. But her completely breaking EVERY rule in the book AND screwing up in doing so almost got two people killed. That was 100% her fault. Most people would be kicked downstairs after such a disaster.

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