Please, Chicago P.D., Don’t Add Insult to Injury By Killing Off Jay Halstead

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  1. Rich says:

    Unfortunately, Jay’s fate is tied to what is happening off screen. All of the One Chicago shows are up for renewal. One Chicago wins Wednesday, but Chicago PD is the lowest of those shows. Now given this announcement, I think it’s clear Chicago PD will get a season 11 (because if Season 10 was it, Jay would be here till the end), but will it get more? NBC possibly eliminating it’s shows at 10:00 p.m. is a factor here.

    If Season 11 is to be the last year of Chicago PD, Jay could get a promotion and head up another unit in Chicago or take a job with the FBI in Chicago. He could then return for the final 2 or 3 episodes of the series. He stays married to Hailey off screen. If however, all three shows get a 3 year renewal, that changes things. Brett’s relationship with Casey didn’t feel the same (how could it) after he went to Portland. In this scenario, Jay sacrificing himself to save the unit and his wife makes the most sense. For me, Upstead divorcing just won’t feel right after the slow build to their marriage and with the ultimate payoff in Season 9. Plus with Jay leaving it can’t be that he leaves because of Voight with Hailey staying, that would make no sense given Hailey being leery of Voight now. If Jay does die, I want to see Hailey in therapy with Dr. Charles with Hailey appearing on Med and Dr. Charles on PD. I’ve always wanted to see Dr. Charles treat someone we know over several episodes. They should have done it with Kim last season, but didn’t.

    What becomes tough is if NBC decides on 2 years. Could they keep Jay alive off screen for that long and have Upstead’s marriage feel real enough? It would be better than killing him, but it would definitely lose something. If NBC isn’t looking to cancel Chicago PD, but renew them on shorter deals that makes things difficult as well. Suffice it to say, I don’t want to see Jay go and signed the petition.

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