‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Review: “Hold On Tight”

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  1. Sybie says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I think as a Brettsey fan, it is nice to have the acknowledgement of how sh*tty the writers handled this whole storyline. The constant stringing along after Jesse/Matt left was not only fair to the fans of Brettsey but to the character of Sylvie. Giving false hope all throughout the remainder of season 10, leaving us hanging over the hiatus and giving us only a less than 30 minute breakup scene. My frustration as a Brettsey fan, is not that the broke them up, as much as I didn’t want it I knew it was going to happen, it is how they executed it. The writers chose to take the easy way out on this one, promising us that LDR would be fun to write but they went from “nothing is going to change” to “at least we have tonight” to “maybe someday”. Jesse Spencer was on set for the finale! As respect to the fans and the storyline they could have at least given us a proper breakup with both of them on screen. To the writers, don’t tell us “maybe someday” if you don’t plan on delivering on a someday, its not fair to the Brettsey/Sylvie fans, we have had enough of the stringing along and false hope.

  2. Megan Arin Hallisey says:

    I am mad from the breakup last night. I started to cry. I know that this is a TV show, but Matt and Sylvie belong together, and they are meant for each other. I don’t want her to get a new love interest. We don’t know how long Chicago Fire will go. This season 11 is the last of the 3-season renewal. We don’t know if Kara’s contract is going to end. She probably won’t say anything about that. I wish she would. But, also no one mentioned Tuesday on the show.

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