‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Review: “Hold On Tight”

Chicago Fire 11×01 “Hold on Tight” fixes one ship, cements another and puts an end to a third one — with all the emotions that entails.

Chicago Fire 10×20 Review: “Halfway to the Moon”

Chicago Fire 10×20 “Halfway To The Moon” throws a wrench into both Stellaride and Hawkami, but we’re not really worried.

Chicago Fire 10×20 Advance Review: “Halfway to the Moon”

Chicago Fire 10×20 “Halfway to the Moon” brings some unexpected — and unnecessary — conflict, as the season finale nears.

Chicago Fire 10×19 Review: “Finish What You Started”

Chicago Fire 10×19 “Finish What You Started” is a great episode for the two ships carrying this show: Stellaride and Hawkami.

Chicago Fire 10×17 Review: “Keep You Safe”

Chicago Fire 10×17 “Keep You Safe” is about Stella Kidd, about Hawkami, and about the Joe Cruz family. Basically, it’s a perfect episode.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×17 Advance Review: “Keep You Safe”

Chicago Fire 10×17 “Keep You Safe” is the kind of episode that makes you feel just that — safe. Just like this show always does.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×16 Review: “Hot and Fast”

Chicago Fire 10×16 “Hot and Fast” throws a roadblock at Hawkami, as Stella and Seager finally find common ground.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×14 Review: “An Officer With Grit”

Chicago Fire 10×14 “An Officer With Grit” finally gives us the Lt. Kidd we wanted, and let us be clear, Stella Kidd deserves this. Period.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×13 Review: “Fire Cop”

Chicago Fire 10×13 “Fire Cop” is an outstanding episode of television, that allows most characters to shine — in their own way.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Fandom is Obsessed with Hawkami, and Honestly, SAME

The entire Chicago Fire fandom is now obsessed with Hawkami, and we only have one thing to say about that: SAME.