‘Chicago Fire’ 10×17 Advance Review: “Keep You Safe”

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  1. Sara says:

    Yeah but do the women of fire talk but does those talks ever not revolve around the men on their life’s?

  2. Alexis says:

    @sara – exactly! Why is it the women this season have had a majority of their storylines tied to the men?! Can we get some storylines with ‘Girls on Fire’ and Paramedicine (that does not include Hawkins) where Stella, Sylvie and Violet shine on their own?

    I miss season 7 and season 8, when the females of Chicago Fire had storylines that did not involve the men in their lives. Please, bring back those storylines. – like the bus rescue, the bed bug infestation episode and the dent in the ambulance. These women are so much more than just the romantic/ships storylines that they have been given this season.

  3. Megan Arin Hallisey says:

    I don’t remember this: We get a Casey mention this episode, and not from the most obvious person, nor do I remember this: Sylvie might not be around, but this show hasn’t forgotten about the fact that women talk to each other.

  4. Megan Arin Hallisey says:

    Never mind on that Casey mention. I remember it.

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