‘Chicago Fire’ 10×12 Review: “Show of Force”

Chicago Fire 10x12
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  1. Jean Fitz says:

    The only thing I disagree with (and only based on Miranda’s BTS on her IG yesterday), is that Pelham is still around- for a bit anyway!

  2. Sandra says:

    I felt the show lowered the sexy hunk Severide to a subservient follower who was at Self-centered Stella’s beck and call.

  3. Arnita Castilepowell says:

    I’m so happy Stella Kidd is back on Chicago Fire, she is the best.

  4. Robert Redd says:

    I very much Appreciate this review Absolutely adored this whole Fire episode. So many good lessons: Stella shined so bright, Herman was a magnificent Dad and the trio of Ritter, Gallo & girl- give a lift to humor

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