Chicago Fire 10×20 Review: “Halfway to the Moon”

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  1. Rich says:

    I have mixed emotions about this episode. I loved Herman being Herman. Enthusiastically helping someone, then feeling betrayed and ripped off by the guy and then having Cindy calm him down. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and does what he and everyone at 51 does in the end, helps someone who needs it. I love how Gallo and Ritter have Violet’s back. Ritter offering advice and Gallo turning Emma down. I loved how Gallo was thoughtful in this episode. He talked things out and sought advice, he didn’t act impulsively. That Pelham gave him good advice and told him it was Stella who suggested he saved the cat shows the kind of guy Pelham is. I hope we see more of him.

    I hated the Stellaride of this episode. Stella is driven and ambitious. She sees what she wants and goes after it, but she is and always has been about helping others. She started Girls on Fire to help young women, it’s who she is. The idea that she would stand in the way of Gallo going to Squad in contrary to her whole character. Her conversation with Gallo should have happened without Severide telling her about his relationship with Grissom. Severide’s line at the end “you always get what you want,” bothered me. Casey could have said that to Gabby. Stella is not selfish or self centered. She has put up with Severide’s mercurial nature so that line rings hollow to me. Plus, when did Severide become thin skinned? I really didn’t like this angle at all because it runs so counter to who these 2 characters have been.

    I could not stand Emma and I hate her even more now. Frankly, I wish Hank Voight would do Firehouse 51 a favor and “take her for ride” and explain that one way or another she isn’t going to be staying at 51. I suspect that Chief Boden will be the one who “saves the day,” because Hawkins can’t and Boden always protects his family. The only good thing is that Brettsy will be back for the final episode, so Emma’s fate will probably be determined in the next episode rather than in the final episode or God forbid, next season.

  2. Alexis says:

    I like your reviews, and this is your site and your review so you can write however you want, but I also wish you would highlight on the other characters in your review such as Herrmann and Mouch. Granted they are not part of the ship world but it would be nice to read about them in the recaps as well. Or that Gallo went to see Pelham in this episode which was a very nice scene.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      Thanks for the comments! Poor Herrmann (who is consistently one of my favorites) typically ends up with the C plot that doesn’t really requiere much analysis, and since this isn’t a recap, that means I often find very little to say about him other than how much I enjoy him. Pelham’s scene was indeed nice, but it felt like it was part of the whole Stella/Kelly/Gallo thing. I have dedicated a fair bit of words to Pelham this season, though!

  3. Bobby V. says:

    The whole Stella Severide situation in real life if they got married one would have to be transferred they could not be stationed together.

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