‘Law & Order: SVU’ 24×06 Review: “Controlled Burn”

Law & Order: SVU 24x06 "Controlled Burn" Mariska Hargitay as Captain Olivia Benson, Kelli Giddish as Det. Amanda Rollins -- (Photo by: Scott Gries/NBC)
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  1. Kavs says:

    Enjoyed this episode a lot. Except for a little detour for Rollisi, this episode was very taut (but I get it, they are trying to tie all loose ends for Rollins exit).
    It just kept on building like a crescendo, peaking with the showdown between Liv and Lena about men, then still not letting up with Liv and Amanda conversation and finally peaking with the phone call ending.

    I hope we see Lena again sometime down the road.

    Also I hope Liv has still not given up on all men (one man in particular).

    1. Shana says:

      Honestly, if Liv has given up on all men but figures she’ll “settle” for the one, that works for me. Because if we’re being honest, NO man deserves her. It’s just, for me, about the one she’s clearly chosen…whether she realizes it and is honest with herself about it or not.

      If we don’t see more Lena and have her as a true nemesis, I’m going to be so mad.

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