‘Love is Blind’ Season 3: Reunion Breakdown & Final Thoughts

Love is Blind season 3 on Netflix
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  1. Sandy says:

    OMG! I love these new marriage shows! And I was so shocked and bored and everything in between by each couple!
    The tall couple that got married was boring. I can’t even remember their names. And the they were so into everyone else’s business! That’s messy and like Karen like! Like Mind you’re business! You’re there so you can learn more and more about each other and fall deeper in like and love each day NOT to be all up in someone else’s business! They made me so mad at the reunion trying to get into other grown folks business and throw shade and tell other people off! It was like they all ganged up on Cole and Bartis when everyone has no room to talk! They can all be put under a microscope and be judged equally! Ain’t nobody perfect!!
    The short couple Matt and Colleen that got married shocked me because I didn’t see that they were so in love I just saw the guy wanting to call it off every scene! He didn’t seem to love her or trust her at all, I think he felt he couldn’t ever find anyone else that attractive so he just said a hail Mary and married her!
    Ok Bartis was crazy It felt like he was just leading Nancy on and Nancy seemed crazy Af because she acted like she didn’t see what was going on but she’s a grown ass woman she knew DAM well Bartis was not into her, but he got some Good Ass D!! Yup! She stayed for the D! Knowing dam well he wasn’t gonna marry her, she made herself look so dumb and crazy. I liked her personality but her strategy to stick it out the way she went about it was wack as hell! Bartis seems like a big manipulative dick. He didn’t give any valid or believable reasons for saying No at the alter. He said he couldn’t move past his lack of attraction for her but I think the cameraman and producer liked looking at his ass on camera so they told him to just stick it out and stay on the show, they probably paid him extra for staying! Plus he did like Nancy’s big titties! So you know he liked all that when he was getting it! The time he stopped having sex with her he was probably entertaining other women probably fucking the cameraman behind the screens and watching a bunch of porn so he didn’t need Nancy at the moment! But his whole response at the reunion was BULL SHIT! We ALL wanna here the TRUTH! Cuz we all know he wasn’t telling the truth and that was the most frustrating couple of the whole show!
    Ok Cole and Zenab!!! **inhales, exhales** He was so cute! And she was a freaking sick in the mud! OMG!! She made me NOT wanna watch the show! I hated her. Why put that man through ALL the drama! The BULL SHIT! and then switch up and tell him no at the alter!! He’s gonna look back at this and see how horribly you manipulated into thinking he was so bad and so wrong just because you have RIDICULOUS insecurities about your self image! So what you’re not his typical physical type that man really faught hard for you and loved! He knew he wanted you regardless or your constant nagging and constant insecurities and content inability to take a flipping Joke!! AHHHHHH! You’re so fucking frustrating you’re not even fuckable because your Dom role is rooted in selfishness and emotional immaturity. Like you don’t have any intention on forgiving him especially when you get offended by literally EVERYTHING. You’re incapable of forgiveness. And you’re the evil one, I can see you devil horns. You’re just a horrible person. Like how you did Cole at the alter was unforgivable but yet he found it in his heart to forgive you. Like I know you planned this mans ruin! Like you’re so mad at your life that you wanted to take all your anger and rage out on Cole! I swear it was live you were BEATING him all through the show but then telling him you love him! Like battered wife syndrome. Then at the alter you just took the mask completely off and showed your devil face and just beat him and nailed him to the cross like Jesus AND ripped his sole out of his body then pulled up your beautiful dress that you cared about more than anything else and took a shit on him!!! If you don’t chill out you’re gonna end up by yourself for the rest of your life.
    Ok! Now for the most interesting couple! Mr Africa and Ms Smokeshow! I LOVED seeing them grow throughout the whole show and even after the show they’re still growing together! She was cold and reserved but she is still cool! She does open up and express herself and she works very hard on her body and her mind! She’s made a good life for herself. Mr Africa! He was kind of confusing but he was so likeable throughout until the end! He was telling her her was gonna marry her and seemed so into marrying her and making sure everything was perfect for the wedding! They seemed so in love! He seemed so in love! Her seemed so SURE! Then turns around and says I do NOT! WTF. The way Nick Lashay’s wife expressed what she felt watching that happen in that moment was exactly how we all felt! She embodied that moment for us all especially the bride to beeeeeeeee! So sad! I don’t get how she bounced back from that! Mr Africa must got some superb tongue game cuz BABY! When I tell you she’s all up his **insert word here* I feel like he could do her so wrong and she would just be blind to it! But I am glad they are still in love and working out there logistics! She will ultimately compromise because she wants to marry him! I’m ah be honest I wanna understand more of their dynamic! Like, we all wanna see more with them and see what happens next!
    I wanna see Cole get another chance with a woman that will really ACTUALLY love him. He deserves that. Bartis would be boring and inauthentic but I would love to watch what he does with his body. We obviously need to see Zenab be blown wide open! Like, someone needs to just break her! She needs to be SHOOK to the core. And my baby Nancyyyyyy! I know we ALL wanna see her BE loved by a very good very interesting grown man that can compliment her swag and her energy and her bank roll! I would looooove to watch a romantic show with Nancy as the star!
    I hope they all get to read this! I loved getting to read them and learn and grow with them and gain hope for real love and marriage for everyone!

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