‘No Hard Feelings’ Red Band Trailer Makes This Movie Even More Cringe

Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings red band trailer
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  1. Ed Note says:

    Well, I have not seen the movie, but I did watch several trailers. While I agree, a certain amount of predatory grooming can be construed from this movies premise if that’s where your mind is but generally, it’s more a matter of slap-stick comedy with a sexual theme. Everything I’ve read about it, including critiquing from teenagers, and parents is that there is no actual sex, and in the end, they actually understand each other and become friends. However, the end and the theme and the meat and potatoes of the movie. I will leave to my review after I watch the movie. But I did feel compelled to make a comment here.
    Role reversal would definitely produce the eyebrow raising critique very similar to the one voiced here in.
    Let’s change it up even more, what if it were an older man who was hired to educate a younger man? That would raise even greater condemnation.
    However, coming of age themes, such as this, are not new. And with the evolution of sexual identity paradigms, I wonder if these themes aren’t going to go even deeper.
    One can only wait and see.

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