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7 True Crime Documentaries to Watch on Netflix When You Want to Feel Like a Detective

Looking for some true crime documentaries to hold you over this summer? Fangirlish has you covered with some on Netflix!

5 Male Characters Who Challenge Toxic Masculinity

There are enough types of bulky, rough men with incredible stamina on TV, but today we’d like to talk about those who challenge the standards of toxic masculinity by just being themselves.

10 Shows Not in English You Should Definitely Watch

English is a very beautiful and widely spoken language, across many, many people around the world. But, sometimes, we, as consumers of entertainment can forget that it’s not the only one (we can’t really blame ourselves though, Hollywood has its…

6 Of The Scariest Movies To Watch This Halloween

October is the designated spooky month of the year, and to prepare for Halloween, which is right around the corner, scary movies are a must. Here’s a list of six of the scariest films that will leave you wanting to…

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Broad City: Mental Health Edition

Comedy Central’s Broad City captured the hearts of viewers during its five seasons with its quirky humor, upbeat atmosphere, and amazing dialogues. But those were not the only reasons. Its take on mental health issues combines sensitivity, openness and a…

7 Of The Most Iconic ‘Lucifer’ Moments

Lucifer, Netflix’s beloved adopted child, premiered it’s fifth (and second to last) season this Friday, and it’s already number one worldwide, according to Forbes. The show that follows the original villain’s journey on Earth has plenty of amazing moments, and…