The night of April 28, 2019 was one that few will forget. It was one of death, of triumph, of loss and of courage, all packed in to a stressful and highly anticipated 88 minutes of must see television. With the days leading up to the Battle of Winterfell, youRead More →


We all have them, those couples we wish a show had given us, the OTPs that didn’t end up happening. They don’t even have to be couples the show was actually hinting at, but just two people we saw together and went, hmmm, this could work, for whatever reason. OftenRead More →

And we’ve got questions. And answers. And feelings? Yes, especially feelings. We’ve got a lot of those. Maybe the first and most important one is fear. Can anyone make it out of this alive? We didn’t exactly go into Game of Thrones expecting happily ever after, but we’d like someRead More →

If I had one word to describe season 4 of Game of Thrones it would be satisfying. However, I don’t have to choose just one word, because this is my review.  So I would also add awesome, thrilling and flabbergasting. Since there were so many story lines and they were oftenRead More →

Welcome to Game of Thrones season 2! If you didn’t think season one could be beat, then this is the season that proves you wrong. This series only gets better as time goes on. Season 2 was full of war, backstabbing, alliances, marriages, revelations, discoveries, small minded men, and strong women. Read More →

A unspoken truth about being a fan is that we all have couples we root for to get together on TV shows. No matter what genre it is – from sci-fi to drama to comedy to everything in-between – there’s always a ship that you find and you like. BecauseRead More →