We obsess over Suzanne Young’s books – so we feel all sorts of bad that we missed posting about the cover reveal for her new book – All In Pieces. It is something that will be added to the top of our TBR list. We have to admit, that we’reRead More →


Shadowhunters finally seems to be finding it’s stride and we’re a little excited that it’s getting better. Yes it still has it’s issues – but we’re discussing all of that below. Do you think Alec had the right to lock up Clary’s necklace? [highlight]TMI Source:[/highlight] To be honest, I don’t.Read More →

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and though we’re not sure if they celebrate in Storybrooke (we hope so!), we’re celebrating for our favorites, and we’re doing it by counting down the swoon-worthy quotes uttered by our favorite on-screen couples. My choice? Captain Swan, of course. The worst part of this wasRead More →

I know I’m not the only Shadowhunters fan who went into this episode with extremely low expectations. If you read my last recap, you know that I was very mad with the show’s portrayal of Isabelle, and how they’ve been sexualizing their female characters in general. I’m still mad aboutRead More →

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Supergirl and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about the hour’s hot topics in a little something we like to call Fangirlish Roundtables. Today, we’re breaking down episode 11 of Supergirl, “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” where we discuss J’OnnRead More →

Things are about to get sinceriously emotional on tonight’s midseason premiere of Arrow. In the episode, Oliver must deal with the ramifications of Damien Darhk’s attack, which left Felicity fighting for her life. Oliver is about to get down and downright angry (unbridled rage, anybody?) as he goes after Darhk.Read More →

Going into episode two of Shadowhunters, I was nervous. My initial excitement over the pilot surpassing my low expectations had worn off a bit, and I was worried about the issues I’d had with the show. But while I can’t say I’m sold on the Shadowhunters just yet, the second episode was aRead More →

‘The thing about remembering….” I read once, “is that you don’t ever forget.” And that’s especially true for the people who touch us.  The ones who inspire us. Alan Rickman, was one of those. Not only because he was a brilliant actor, but also because he was a kind man, aRead More →