‘Andor’ 1×12 Review: “Rix Road”

Andor 1×12 “Rix Road” comes full circle and establishes the show as the best Star Wars live action series to date.

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Andor 1×11 “Daughter of Ferrix” is a study on how we process grief and the decisions we have to make for the greater good.

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Andor 1×10 “One Way Out” continues to tell its story with a clarity of purpose that invites us to think — and feel.

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Andor 1×09 “Nobody’s Listening” is a gut-wrenching and brilliant hour of television that deserves accolades — and awards.

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Andor 1×08 “Narkina 5” is an episode about what it’s like to lose hope — and how even that looks different depending on your privilege.

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Andor 1×06 “The Eye” ramps up the action, provides a turning point for Cassian’s journey and reinforces the Empire as a colonizing force.

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Andor 1×05 “The Axe Forgets” is a setup episode, but in this show, even that means some great character-centric moments.

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Andor 1×04 goes beyond Cassian and examines the fledgling Rebellion, while providing a contrast with more of the Empire’s bureaucrats.

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Andor works hard to establish who its main character is and who he will become, as it examines the petty cruelty of the Empire.

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Andor feels both like the best part of Star Wars, and something completely different from Star Wars. Somehow, it all works.

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