Negan’s unexpected visit in The Walking Dead‘s “Service” is all about mind games. He plays by his own rules and changes them as he pleases. He’s going to keep you on your toes! That’s why he brings Daryl along, the brave warrior, turned into a meek version of himself. AndRead More →


As much I want Negan to die, Dwight’s a close second. In The Walking Dead‘s The Cell we get a little more backstory on the jerk that tried to escape from Negan, got help from Daryl, and then turned around and betrayed our archer. He even stole Daryl’s bike andRead More →

If you’re like me you’ve been waiting for The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season for agesss! It’s not enough that you’ve watched all the episodes on demand repeatedly. You want to indulge in the whole show in hopes of spotting clues for what’s to come next! The Walking Dead: TheRead More →

Carol’s not going to die. Daryl’s not going to die. Glenn…well he might die. In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead, titled “East,” we were treated to a small (yes, I said small) dose of panic in preparation for what’s to come when Negan appears with his perfect jawRead More →

The season finale of The Walking Dead is right around the corner and frankly I have no idea how it’s going to end! (Pain, that’s the most likely answer.) In this week’s episode, titled ‘East’, Rick & Co. are on a mission to bring back a member of their family.Read More →

The kidnapping and trip to the Savior compound is over and it’s back to Alexandria in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Twice As Far.’ Just because they’ve returned home to their impeccable homes doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten the carnage of the Saviors or what happened toRead More →

Murder, mayhem, and the kidnapping that made us sit at the end of our seats…is stuff of the past. In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Twice As Far,’ Rick & Co. are back in Alexandria. This time around they’ll deal with the aftermath of what they didRead More →

Let’s start off by saying that The Walking Dead needs more episodes where the ladies are front and center, and Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) blows our minds. *throws awards at her* The Walking Dead episode “The Same Boat” isn’t about Rick and Paula both having bargaining chips to make anRead More →

You’ll never look at cookies the same way again, thanks to The Walking Dead. You’ll also never underestimate the power of Rick’s beautiful blue eyes to pull a group of people to his side. In this episode, titled ‘Not Yet Tomorrow,’ Alexandria heads out to prove how much of aRead More →

We’re going on another trip to Alexandria before heading out to Savior territory on The Walking Dead episode ‘Not Tomorrow Yet.’ The mission? Solidify ties with the Hilltop community. Their world has expanded and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Might as well make friends while you can. [lead]Official Synopsis:Read More →

Jesus showed Alexandria that he trusted them by taking them to his community in The Walking Dead episode “Knots Untie.” Their world is bigger than expected and new opportunities are waiting around every corner. Hilltop and the Saviors join the Alexandrians in their journey for survival. Let’s talk about it!Read More →

The Walking Dead left off with Rick and Michonne’s night of “relaxation”  interrupted by Jesus announcing that they needed to talk. (Creeper was watching them sleep?) He’s seen how they treat strangers and in many aspects he’s what Daryl wants to be, a man looking for survivors that can buildRead More →

The Walking Dead’s ‘The Next World’ was the breather required to remind Alexandria (and us) of what we have and what’s yet to come. A new ship blossomed and set Twitter and Tumblr on fire, Rick and Daryl bonded during their little outing, and the introduction of Jesus somehow managedRead More →

After last week’s slam dunk of pain, unity, and carnage The Walking Dead is slowing down for a little bit in “The Next World” (Just a teeny bit.) A time jump skips past all the nitty gritty of fixing up Alexandria and dives into keeping their home supplied and running.Read More →

Let’s be honest with each other. There were too many mind-blowing moments from the Mid-Season Premiere of The Walking Dead. Too many moments where you’re still thinking, “Did they really just do that? Her hand?! His eye?!” And while it would be lovely to rant on about the entire episodeRead More →