“One Bad Day.” Three words that are the foundation of the Joker’s philosophy, that just one bad day can drive a person insane. In the comics universe, the idea is also the foundation of “The Killing Joke,” one of the most shocking Batman stories ever told. With the title “OneRead More →


When Jerome Valeska is at the center of a Gotham episode, you know you’re in for a good story, and “That Old Corpse” is no exception. But wait – isn’t Jerome dead? As if that’s EVER been a problem in Gotham! But the Revolving Door of Villain Resurrection aside, rememberRead More →

Gotham is back, and how I have missed it! The back half of Season 4 opens with a fast-moving episode that brings us up to date on just about everyone. The title is reflective of the story (yes, I’m going there). The mid-season finale shattered the lives of these charactersRead More →

When a man’s title is “The Demon’s Head,” you know he’s not a nice guy. But the Ra’s al Ghul of Gotham is stone cold, and the climax to this episode was a shocker that rattled Bruce more than we’ve seen since his parents were murdered. It’s also possible thatRead More →

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) may have thought things were bad when he first arrived in Gotham, but at least he had the Gotham City Police Department with him. These days, not so much. From the title, you would expect “The Fear Reaper” to mainly focus on the establishment of theRead More →

With San Diego Comic-Con just a few short weeks away, we’re finally starting to get confirmations from studios coming to the annual pop culture convention. And suddenly the fact that SDCC is less than a month away is so very real. FOX TV is the latest to announce its showsRead More →