Tonight, Candice Bergen could bring home her third Golden Globe award for her title role in Murphy Brown. It’s a nice tip of the hat to a revival that had some brilliant moments, but didn’t quite live up to the promise of its past. Overall Impression Fans of the originalRead More →


“Happy New Year” was supposed to have some tension about what’s happening to Avery in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, no one told that to the CBS promotions team. They’d included a shot of Avery home safe on New Year’s Eve in the previous week’s promo, completely ruining any sense of tension. ThisRead More →

At first glance, the title “AWOL” refers to Murphy’s planned story about Afghanistan. But it also applies to what’s missing from network news these days: a sense of independence, willingness to take risks, and faith that audiences can pay attention to lengthy, in-depth stories. I wish I could say theRead More →

I’d originally looked forward to Murphy Brown for biting political humor at a time when government seems like a circus. But that hasn’t been the show’s strong point. Instead, the show’s funniest moments have dealt with the absurdities of the news business, and its most enjoyable ones have revolved aroundRead More →

The saddest thing about the #MeToo movement is the vast number of us who can say those words. In “#MurphyToo,” Murphy Brown joins that army of women… and men… who have been victims of those more powerful than us. I say “us” because… #MeToo. Although perhaps I should put thatRead More →

Jake McDorman’s Avery Brown is quickly becoming my favorite part of the Murphy Brown revival. His episode-closing scene with Candice Bergen’s Murphy made up for some early flat notes. It’s not that they didn’t try. But many of the lines felt like Miles’ attempted joke about breaking in to hisRead More →