If you haven’t caught up with the mainstream on Netflix, let me fill you in. The Witcher and You have been crushing it on it’s popularity contest. I lean more towards The Witcher and there’s a very special reason, out of a 100 reasons, why I loved the show soRead More →


It’s time to give Ken Scott a partner in the upcoming adaptation of the After series. Played by the iconic Peter Gallagher, Ken is the father figure of moody, mercurial Hardin Scott, love interest and antagonizer of heroine Tessa Young, engaged to the mother of Tessa’s best friend Landon. ARead More →

Occasionally, we here at Fangirlish get the opportunity to do things that we wouldn’t have imagined. One of the most recent examples of this is when we were invited to go behind the scenes of two Toronto based television sets to get the insight scoop on what happens behind theRead More →

Have you ever wondered just what goes in to creating your favorite shows? The scripts, the sets, and the countless individuals that come together to bring you the stories that captivate you each week? Well Fangirlish had the incredible opportunity to check out behind the scenes of one of NBCsRead More →

Wattpad has done it again, bringing one of its most popular stories to a new level, and entirely new medium! Along with CW Seed and Tongal, the online writing forum phenomenon announced the viral adaptation of the supernatural romance and is urging film makers to pitch their ideas on howRead More →

One of the best parts of working here at Fangirlish, is the opportunity to interview up and coming stars in film, music television. To learn of new projects, shows and the dreams of those behind them and what prompted their path into the limelight. This time is no different, asRead More →

If The CW has become the DC Comics Network then NBC has become the Chicago Network. And we love it. NBC has announced the official pickup of Chicago P.D. spinoff Chicago Justice to series. The fourth installment of the network’s Chicago series was basically launched during last night’s Chicago P.D.Read More →