During my time at ACE Comic Con Midwest on October 11-13, I attended quite a few panels, and a lot of them were with actors who are currently or will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel fans are anticipating Phase 4 of the MCU, so I want to shareRead More →


If there’s anything that Men in Black: International proves it’s that Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth have the kind of chemistry that leaves you wanting more when the credits start rolling. It was that way during Thor: Ragnarok, not Avengers: Endgame because we do not speak about that, and it’sRead More →

With Men In Black: International upon us, we’ve been taking some time to reflect on the first three Men In Black films. While the second one isn’t a masterpiece, each of the three contains moments that will always make me smile. It’s going to be strange watching a MIB movieRead More →

In a world full of reboots and first time live action productions, there’s bound to be some differences between the source material and what we see on screen. It keeps the material fresh, speaks to the kind of world that we are living in now, and is meant to attractRead More →