‘Men in Black: International’ Spoiler Free Review

If there’s anything that Men in Black: International proves it’s that Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth have the kind of chemistry that leaves you wanting more when the credits start rolling. It was that way during Thor: Ragnarok, not Avengers: Endgame because we do not speak about that, and it’s now present in the latest chapter in the MIB world. Basically, give us more Agent M and Agent H and give it to us right now!

Besides the amazing chemistry between the two leads, each character went on a story arc of their own that highlighted their abilities without going towards used and boring stereotypes or gimmicks. I know, sounds crazy that a movie would actually do that in a day and age where Hollywood still thinks women belong in the kitchen with their mouths shut as the men do the real work. There’s none of that here and it shows in the writing and the characters created.


Tessa Thompson’s character, Agent M, is capable AF. She knows it, the people at work know it, and Agent H knows it. At no point were her skills questioned because she was a woman. And neither did they throw in a little jab questioning why Molly wanted to be part of MIB when obviously a woman wants to have kids and get married, right? Wrong. Agent M doesn’t want that and everybody is more than okay with that.

This exclusion of boring story bits and bobs that “define” women in the workplace meant that MIB: International could spend more time highlighting why Agent M was a perfect candidate for MIB. She was incredibly smart, tenacious, funny, kind, a problem solver to the highest power, and someone who knew that THIS was what she wanted for herself and for her future. There wasn’t no tragic background that lead her down this path. She just wanted this life/career and went after it and that’s refreshing to see, especially for a woman.


As for Chris Hemsworth’s character, Agent H, he didn’t overshadow Agent M. He trusted her because they were all part of the same organization and the MIB only hires the best of the best. Also, I think he saw the potential in her and found her interesting. There weren’t any romantic vibes, believe it or not, and these two ended up being friends in the same manner that Will Smith’s character became friends with Tommy Lee Jones character in the OG MIB.

Keeping that in mind, Agent H was an ally who formed deep friendships and relationships with the people he works with. Did it come to bite him in the ass sometimes? Yes. But he still had this optimism in him, this drive, that kept him going when anyone else would stop, lay down, and just take it. That wasn’t Agent H. This is his home, his family, and they’re worth it every step of the way.


Overall, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth made this movie but they didn’t carry it all on their own. The secondary characters mattered just as much as everyone else, the special effects were amazing, and Kumail Nanjiani did an amazing job as Pawny. Just trust me on this one, this little alien had the kind of sass you’d dream of having and believe it or not he was a hero in his own right. Put this all together and you have a highly entertaining movie that leaves you wanting more of Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth and more of the Men in Black world.

Men in Black: International is now in theaters!

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