Taylor Swift Hints To What She’ll Be Performing On ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Weekend

well, we don’t always watch #SNL live, but for you #TaylorSwift, we will. Especially if you are performing this…

See The Trailer For Amazon Prime Videos New Show ‘Harlem’

The trailer for Amazon Prime’s #Harlem is good. This show looks amazing. We’ll definitely be watching.

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ 1×08 Review “Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier”

We feel joy that I Know What You Did Last Summer is over especially after that rushed end in 1×08 “Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier.”

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×08 Review: “Paid in Full

#NewAmsterdam 4×08 “Paid in Full” sees ransomware bringing the hospital to its knees and almost fracturing this family completely!

The Trailer For The Second Half Of The First Season Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Has Been Released

HOLY SHIT! The trailer for the second half of the first season of #GossipGirl is here and we need a cold shower.

‘FBI: International’ 1×06 Review: “The Secrets She Knows”

What an episode. #FBIInternational has established itself as the show that you should be watching.

‘FBI’ 4×06 Review: “Allegiance”

FBI takes us on a wild ride where we’re feeling bad for everyone but also looking at the bigger picture and thinking WTF is happening.

‘FBI: International’ 1×06 Photos: “The Secrets She Knows”

We’re kinda obsessed with #FBIInternational and part of it might be that #LukeKleintank is really fucking hot.

’Supergirl’s Azie Tesfai Talks #Dansen and Being a Superhero

Supergirl’s Azie Tesfai sat down with Fangirlish’s Queerly Not Straight to talk about Kelly Olsen, being a hero, and the end of the series.

‘FBI’ 4×06 Photos: “Allegiance”

#FBI is back tonight & we can’t wait. It looks like it’s gonna be a good one, but then again, when isn’t it a good one?

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×08 Photos: “Paid In Full”

if you don’t have someone that looks at you the way that helen looks at max, or that max looks at helen, you’re settling. get yourself a #sharpwin kinda love

5 Things You Might’ve Missed from the ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Teaser

Netflix just dropped another teaser trailer for season 4 of Stranger Things and here’s what you might’ve missed!

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×07 Review: “Trust Me”

Chicago PD’s latest episode reinforces what we already knew. Hailey will always choose Jay. Read our review for 9×07 “Trust Me.”

‘FBI: International’ 1×05 Review: “The Soul Of Chess”

#FBIInternational has solidified itself as a solid show with solid character development and compelling storylines.

‘FBI’ 4×05 Review: “Charlotte’s Web”

Imagine you’re at a sex club and there is a knock at the door of the room you’re in. OA is on the other side asking if you’d seen this man…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Derek Phillips & Stacey Oristano Remember the Magic of ‘Friday Night Lights’ with ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts’ Podcast

We caught up with Derek Phillips and Stacey Oristano to talk all about their new podcast “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts: A Friday Night Lights Rewatch.” Check out our interview!

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×07 Photos: “Harmony”

We’re looking at these pics for tonights #NewAmsterdam and we’re just wondering who we gotta talk to about Floyd’s storyline.

Jenna Dewan Set To Recur On ‘Superman & Lois’ For The CW Shows 2nd Season

We have to say #SupermanAndLois Is quite good. You should be watching, especially with this amazing cast.

‘Stargirl’ 2×13 Photos: “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen”

The JSA must work together to bring down Eclipso once and for all on Stargirl 2×13, “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen.” Check out the photos from the season finale!

‘Locke and Key’ 2×10 Review: “Cliffhanger”

Locke & Key 2×10 “Cliffhanger” gave us more than we could ever ask for while setting up the next season and more pain.

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ 1×06 Review: “Least You Had a Spare”

I Know What You Did Last Summer 1×06 “Least You Had a Spare” begs a conversation about the racial undertones and more of this show.