‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 2×09 Review: “The Christmas Episode”

Law & Order: Organized Crime 2×09 “The Christmas Episode,” as the second half of the series’ most recent crossover with SVU, had a pretty stellar act to follow. With the deeply personal story of Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) trying desperately…

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×09 Review: “The People vs. Richard Wheatley”

Law & Order: SVU 23×09 “The People vs. Richard Wheatley” was the type of television episode that was not only well worth the wait, but has also given viewers plenty to talk about for the weeks, months, and (likely) years…

‘FBI: International’ 1×08 Review: “Voice Of The People”

Emotions and work can be complicated. For Vo, when the two cross over, everything changes.

‘FBI’ 4×08 Review: “Fire And Rain”

In #FBICBS this week, we learned so much more about Scola and the reason that he is the way he is. And all we can say is we feel for him.

‘Legacies’ 4×08 Photos: “You Will Remember Me”

Hope faces off with more of the Triad’s minions on Legacies 4×08, “You Will Remember Me.” Check out the photos from the episode!

Fangirlish 2021 End Of Year Lists: Scenes We Could Watch Over and Over

As we approach the end of the year, it’s always fun to look back on the best that entertainment had to offer in 2021. As always, there were a number of movies and TV shows that stole our hearts. But…

‘Chicago Med’ 7×09 Pictures: “Secret Santa Has A Gift For You”

The pictures for Chicago Med 7×09 “Secret Santa Has A Gift For You” are absolutely adorable. Here’s to the episode being the same.

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×09 Review: “Blackberry Narcissus”

The real issue with #GossipGirl isn’t the kids – it’s the damn adults. Especially the people behind the Instagram account. Fuck they are cruel

17 #Harlivy Fanart Pieces That Made Us Swoon

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, also known as #Harlivy, belong together and these fanart pieces are proof of that!

Steve from ‘Blue’s Clues’ is on TikTok & His Latest Video is Precious

Steve Burns latest video on TikTok is exactly what we needed after Thanksgiving and you should be watching.

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×08 Review: “Posts On A Scandal”

Oh Upper East Siders, shit is so dramatic and that’s okay. That’s part of what life is – drama. Family drama, work drama, school drama… it’s all so much. We can say that we don’t like drama, but the truth…

‘Doctor Who’ Triggers Man Who Thinks Women Can’t Be Role Models, Cuz Fragile Masculinity

Doctor Who really triggered a man’s fragile masculinity and reveals how little he truly thinks of women as role models.

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×07 Review: Holidays Are Fucked Up Everywhere

Well now, you didn’t think she was gone for good did you? #GossipGirl has a way of showing up, just when you think you’re safe from her wrath.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 7×07 Review: “A Woman’s Place is in the War Effort!”

Legends of Tomorrow 7×07 “A Woman’s Place is in the War Effort!” is once again a reminder that in the 1940s, it sucked if you were a woman.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ 4×02 Review: “Anomaly”

The crew of the Discovery has their hands full in this week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery, episode 4×02, “Anomaly.” There are many different themes that could be discussed within this week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery, but the ones I will focus on are mentorship, trauma, and recovery. Here are a few of my thoughts on “Anomaly.”

‘Hawkeye’ 1×02 Review: “Hide and Seek”

Hawkeye 1×02, “Hide and Seek,” proves this show understands the advantage of sitting with its lead characters. Read our review!

‘Law & Order’ Gets A Reboot…And Hugh Dancy?! Kinda Rude.

Law & Order Thursdays, as if they weren’t already stressful enough, are now going to offer a third show: The original procedural that started it all. Or, well. Sort of. The classic series is being rebooted for its 21st season,…

New Amsterdam 4×10 Review: “Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception”

New Amsterdam 4×10 “Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception” sees Sharpwin takes that step forward, together, while others take a step back.

‘Ordinary Joe’ 1×09 Review: “Thankful”

This weeks #OrdinaryJoe had me remembering why I hate the holidays and why ppl suck. Oh ya I really really don’t like Amy still.

‘Gentefied’s Julissa Calderon & Annie Gonzalez Talk on the Importance of Representation

Gentefied’s Julissa Calderon and Annie Gonzalez sat down to speak with Fangirlish, in turn proving why you should watch this show!

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Finished Filming & Fans Are Excited

Bridgerton season 2 has finished filming and fans are excited for what’s to come, especially if Netflix is going to drop a premiere date.