When it comes to time travel, arguably no one makes it look more fun than our wily group of Legends on Legends of Tomorrow. They have fun, they mess up, and as we saw in the season 2 finale, they really, really mess up. But luckily, they have a greatRead More →


On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s first season, Sara Lance transitioned from the League of Assassins’ Canary to the White Canary, a hero that lives in the light. But following the death of her sister Laurel last season, Sara struggled with that emotional heartbreak and desire to keep pushing forward. ButRead More →

While Laurel Lance met her tragic end on Arrow late in season four, that didn’t spell the end of Katie Cassidy within this Arrowverse. With The Flash exploring the idea of the multiverse, which included a heavy focus on Earth-2, we saw Cassidy return as Black Canary’s doppleganger Black Siren.Read More →