‘The 100’ 3×05 Review: Hakeldama

The 100’s “Hakeldama” was the episode that we needed last week but couldn’t have because The CW would never allow a two hour episode and we’d explode from angst overload. (There’s certainly enough of that in one episode to go through a box of tissues and wine twice over.) But seriously, we got so much good information and stuff falling into place in this episode. Clarke and Jaha return to Arkadia to cause/solve problems. I’ll let you pick which is the troublemaker of the two. Bellamy gets a little more time to explain why he joined Team Pike. And Raven takes her place within the City of Light storyline because of that pesky leg.

Let’s talk about it!


The Good – Clarke finally getting back to Arkadia.

While Clarke was off learning about Polis she forgot about her people. She was there to negotiate protection for Arkadia without asking them for their input or understanding the political situation back home. (Mistake #1 right there.) Disconnecting from your people for months and jumping back into the center of things doesn’t make you capable of making grand decisions for others. And yes, she did her disappearing act because she didn’t think she was worthy enough to have a place with the Sky People because of what she’d changed into. But it’s ignorance that made her believe that everything would be okay back home because Bellamy, her friends, and her mother were there. (Mistake #2.) Nothing would happen with them there right? They were better than her and would never make the mistakes she did or become a monster like her. Right?


This episode was about teaching Clarke that she’s not the only one with burdens or the ability to change because of the horrors around them. Her family and friends have been transformed and she wasn’t there. Period. She left them and Bellamy to deal with everything on their own. The only way to move forward and save her people is by supporting them and remembering that she’s part of their clan/crew/people. She’s not a Grounder no matter how much she runs, dresses, or dyes her hair. Her blood is in Arkadia and there’s nothing wrong with that. Accept it and stop running Clarke.



The Bad – Raven’s jumped on the Jaha train.

I love Raven Reyes. That has to be made clear first. She’s ambitious, courageous, and one of the smartest people in Arkadia, the Ark, and Mt. Weather. (Basically everywhere.) So what really frustrates me and many others is that she somehow always ends up getting hurt, beat, and dragged through the mud. While others heal and move on, to new girlfriends or spending three months sulking in the woods, she has this constant pain coursing through her that makes us throw popcorn at our screens while tweeting to Jason Rothenberg to quit it with the ‘hurt Reyes campaign.’ She deserves some peace and quiet where she can work on her projects to save the people of Arkadia from whatever problem comes there way. And in all honestly I hoped/thought she was going to push through this and emerge victorious on her own. (See, no crazy plot even though this is a show all about the devastating power of human survival.)

Then comes Jaha with that little porcupine beard spouting his City of Light gospel. He can sense the uncertainty, pain, and anger within her. Jaha and A.L.I.E. prey on her just like Pike did to Bellamy. They are the young and easily influenced. Raven denies his help at first because she’s proud. She doesn’t ask for help (even though no one would judge her for it) and she wants to keep working like she did before (even though she’s physically/emotionally not the same person as before.) The only reason she accepts Jaha’s deal into the City of Light is because she’s helpless and won’t admit it to anyone.

What comes next for Raven will change her once more. She will have to choose if her release from a damaged body is worth more than warning her people of the oncoming storm known as A.L.I.E. Being the brilliant person she is, I have no doubt that she will uncover the truth in due time. She’s not disillusioned and lost like Jaha. Be warned that it’s only going to get worse from here on out as she she tries to figure out how/where she fits into this new world order with Arkadia, the Grounders, and now the City of Light.

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The Absolutely Confusing – Bellarke reunion didn’t go as planned.

The Bellarke reunion was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Bellamy purposely tried to hurt Clarke’s feelings to deflect from the things he has done. He knows the massacre and his siding with Pike is wrong. That’s why he leaves Indra alive, doesn’t kill Lincoln, and admits to Pike that they might have gone too far. Instead of saving himself and admitting that he was wrong he dives further in by trying to find any reason he can to justify his actions. He blames himself for believing that peace could be possible. He blames the Grounders for luring him into a false sense of security where he left his people behind at Mt. Weather. And he blames Clarke for not heeding his word that the Grounders were dangerous when he went to Polis. It’s all in an effort to be stuck in self denial where no other rationale beside his own can influence him.

Bellamy’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong. If he does, that’s another failure in the long list he already has under his belt. I’ve got news for you Bellamy Blake. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging defeat. Admitting your faults and correcting them actually makes you stronger and a more honest person. Be the hero we know you can be and stop being influenced by those who feed off your confusion and suffering. Your friends (Clarke, Raven, Kane, Lincoln, etc.) and your family (Octavia) are there to help you survive this world. If you keep on this path you’re going to lose them all. You’ll lose the people you’re trying to protect in the first place.

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Other Observations:

  1. Octavia’s walk through the massacred Grounders was heart breaking. She has come to identify with these people and has found a sense of self after adopting their customs. Seeing all this death is tearing her mind and heart apart. Whatever causes Octavia to lose it on Bellamy will be the last straw where she finally chooses sides. It’s most likely the Grounders.
  2. Answering blood for blood only causes more carnage. That’s the new mindset that Lexa seems to adopt after a talk with Wanheda. Part of me supports that completely. An eye for an eye doesn’t do anything but leave both sides blind to the threat that is on the horizon. (*whispers* A.L.I.E.) The other half of me thinks that Polis will not see kindly on this decision. Because she did not choose to avenge the deaths of her people she’ll have more enemies than the Ice Queen and her nation. Anyone vying for power can easily sway the people by pointing out that Lexa has strayed off the path their people have followed for generations. She has become weak.
  3. Despite Pike’s crazy train it’s nice to know that there are still people inside of Arkadia willing to help Lincoln, the injured, and Clarke on her quest for peace.
  4. MVP of the week goes to Lincoln. This unicorn Grounder continues to stand up for what he believes in no matter the consequences. One of the reasons why he hasn’t been killed by Pike yet is that the man realizes that Lincoln is an anomaly. He’s just not willing to admit that he’s wrong about all Grounders being vicious killers who need to be exterminated.
  5. Pike is a coward who kills without remorse or regret. He’s got two paths in front of him. He can continue with his foolishness, destroying Arkadia, and dying a ‘hero’s’ death. Or he can see the real threat in front of him before it’s too late. By the way he looks at Jaha when the ex-chancellor tries to pitch the City of Light to him, I think the latter is going to come up first.
  6. Indra is a strong believer in following command and protecting her people. After what happened to her in the Trikru Night Massacre it’ll be hard for her to follow her Commander without doubt creeping into her mind. If Lexa isn’t willing to protect her people she might step up. She’s strong enough to do it.


Still seething over Pike, confused about Jaha, or ready to wrap Raven in a blanket and protect her from everyone who dares harm her? Leave us your thoughts or comments in the section below!


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The 100 airs Thursdays on The CW @ 9/8c.

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