‘Supergirl’ 1×15 Review: ‘Solitude’

When it comes to being a hero one lesson that you learn often quite quickly is that it is anything but a solitary job. At least that’s how it is on Greg Berlanti’s superhero shows. But Kara had to learn the hard way what happens when you try to go at it on your own – albeit with some help from James Olsen – that no matter how much of a hero you are, sometimes heroes need help.

In “Solitude,” Kara went up against one of her most dangerous villains yet in Indigo, who was able to transport herself through technology and also had a connection to Kara’s past. Turns out Kara was able to escape the phantom zone after Indigo nudged her out, and she brought the Fort Rozz escapees with her.

Here’s a rundown of the hot topics from “Solitude”:

Kara Goes Solo (+ James Olsen)

With Kara feeling the anger and betrayal for Hank Henshaw after he killed her Aunt Astra (well, so she believed), Kara eventually came to a point where she believed it was too much to work with the man that had killed Astra and for whom she felt this overwhelming sense of emotion. So Kara decided to take a break from the DEO, which proved to be problematic once a new villain named Indigo surfaced, who proved to be a viable threat that transferred herself literally through technology. So with the help of James – who informed Kara of a place of her cousin’s that houses answers – Kara and James set off for the Fortress of Solitude, while Winn attempted to help the DEO bring a stop to this technological villain. While they were able to get some valuable information on their own it eventually wasn’t enough to defeat Indigo.

But ultimately Kara learned that she cannot go it alone – without help. While she did have James with her, she’s had this amazing resource in the DEO that has proven to be a valuable resource that is also effective when it comes to protecting the people of this world. Despite Kara’s feelings for Hank, that doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the greater importance in the process, which she learned. Kara is stronger with the help of the DEO, and now she realizes it.

Alex Comes Clean

When it comes to lies in these superhero shows the one certainty you know is that the truth is going to come out. Whether you reveal it or someone else does. A lie that has been hanging over our heads for the past couple of episodes has been the truth about what really happened to Astra. While Hank elected to take the blame for killing Astra, it was actually Alex who killed her as a means to protect Alex from the fallout he feared would come if Kara learned the truth. The more Hank told Alex about those fears the more they became her own fears, which prompted her silence. So Kara has gone on believing that it was Hank that killed her aunt when it appeared as if Kara might be able to save her from the darkness. This led to Kara taking a step back from the DEO and electing to fight the good fight on her own – and with the help of her friends that had no ties to the DEO.

But eventually it became too much for Alex – and she knew she had to repair the hole left in Kara and Hank’s relationship and how it ultimately affects the mission – and she came clean to Kara about it being her that was the one who actually killed Astra. I can’t stress enough how important it was that Alex be the one to tell Kara the truth and not have someone else do it. And Kara’s reaction proved why. While Kara experienced an initial shock that made it appear as if she’d treat Alex the same way that she did Hank when it came to the news, we saw Kara actually embrace Alex, who was breaking down because she was afraid of losing Kara. She couldn’t lose Kara. So Kara gave her a reassuring hug and wordlessly acknowledged Hank’s courage to sacrifice his own reputation and relationship with Kara as a means to protect Alex. It was a beautiful moment for the three of them, and it goes to show how powerful the truth can be. While the truth might be difficult to hear, it hurts less when it’s coming from the person you care about.

Trouble in Paradise for James and Lucy

Not that we haven’t seen this coming since they introduced the romance, but James and Lucy experienced some turbulence in their relationship as Lucy finally opened her eyes to the truth that was right in front of her the entire time. While this initially presented itself as something that was about James and his connection with Supergirl, it soon evolved into something more direct that Lucy could actually witness with her own eyes: James’ feelings for Kara.

James and Lucy’s relationship has always existed with an elephant in the room. Whether in the past that as Superman or in the present as Supergirl, there has always been a third person in their relationship that has put a strain on it. In the past we watched as James chose Superman over Lucy, but it seemed as if he wanted to choose both Supergirl and Lucy this time. He finally convinced Kara to allow him to tell Lucy that she is Supergirl so as to give Lucy a sense of relief. But even if he had told her the truth about Supergirl’s identity, it most likely would’ve only made things worse as Lucy came to the conclusion that James loves Kara. And that’s without the Supergirl of it all.

Cracking Under the Pressure + Winn/Siobhan?

When it comes to introducing foes for Kara, whether that’s in her heroic or personal life, one of the most important things the show can do is provide a backstory for the nemesis that not only sheds light on why they became who they are today but also provides a connection to the show. While Siobhan Smythe is destined to become Silver Banshee – and soon seeing as a photo of Italia Ricci as the terrifying villain was released – right now we’re getting to know her as Siobhan the up-and-coming media mogul who wants nothing more than to become the next Cat Grant. While Siobhan has appeared to be cool, calm, and on top of everything, this episode showed that perhaps the pressure is proving to be too much at present.

But one of my favorite things about Siobhan this episode was how she opened up about her past to Winn, who has become an unlikely romantic match for Kara’s new foe. Winn noticed Siobhan’s frustration and reached out like the kind, caring person that he is, and you could tell she was surprised by it. She assumed he disliked her like everyone else does, but this was Winn just being Winn. Siobhan was taken off guard by Winn’s kindness, and she actually opened up about her father, who was a serial cheater and promised that he wouldn’t hurt her or her mother. But he did. He cheated again and again. Near the end of the episode, Siobhan surprised Winn with a kiss – while threatening to kill him should he tell anyone about this. But she then proceeded to shove him into the elevator and continue to make out, so she had to be enjoying it, right? And somehow I find myself intrigued by this dynamic. I can feel the chemistry, and the whole opposite parallels that they represent makes them all the more perfect. Plus, who knows, perhaps Siobhan being with Winn – should it ever be outed publicly – might force Kara to reconsider her feelings for her best friend? Or that’s just the Kara/Winn shipper in me begging for anything and everything.

Impending Threat

But as we’ve seen in the past, everything tends to come back to haunt of young hero in training. Non is a villain that while sadistically evil is one that is incredibly intelligent and will stop at nothing when it comes to delivering on his promise to destroy the humans of this world and claim Earth for the Kryptonians. While we saw a temporary truce between him and Kara for Astra’s sake – and the funeral – he’s made no mistake to warn Kara that he plans on destroying her. So what’s one way to do that? Well, utilize a new resource that has just come into his possession: Indigo, which it was revealed has a past with Non and was never a fan of Astra. But at the very end of the episode it appeared as if Non had collected pieces of Indigo, who had been defeated just moments earlier, and plans to use her against Supergirl in the future…and she won’t see it coming.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.

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