‘Supergirl’/’Flash’ Crossover: 5 Things We’re Looking Forward To

Supergirl and The Flash are about to collide when Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen comes to National City to help Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl in a crossover of epic proportions on tonight’s all-new episode of Supergirl.

With the growing world of the superhero genre on television, crossovers like this – a cross-network one – are always an event that serve to deliver the very best and also serve as exposure for all shows involved. With Supergirl and The Flash’s cross-network crossover, this could also open the door to future crossovers between CBS’s Supergirl and The CW’s Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and of course The Flash.

But most of all this is set to be one hell of fun ride as two of DC television’s lighter heroes work together to stop a villainous duo that probably won’t take a liking to The Flash as much as they have Supergirl.

Here are five things we can’t wait to see in tonight’s epic crossover event:

1. A Heroic Team-Up

While there are feuding superheroes come to life on the big screen, this crossover will feature, for a welcome change, two heroes coming together. The main draw of these crossovers on television has been the epic team-up of these popular superheroes that come together to fight a somewhat unstoppable force. Whatever brings our two heroes doesn’t matter so much as what they do when they get together. Getting to see those two emblems side-by-side in action is something that our fangirling hearts cannot wait for.

2. Kara and Barry’s Chemistry

When it comes to the superheroes on DC television, The Flash and Supergirl are the genre’s lightest heroes, which should make for one fun crossover. In a way Barry Allen and Kara Danvers are similar in their demeanors. They’re two people that have started out in the light but there is darkness that threatens to find its way inside. From what we’ve seen from sneak peeks and teases, these two immediately hit it off from the get-go, and there’s a ton of humor to be had.

3. National City’s Reaction to The Flash

We know that The Flash and Supergirl exist in different worlds so National City has no idea about The Flash. So when he shows up how are they going to react? They’ve seen Kara fly and carry planes on her shoulders, but how are they going to react of superspeed? How is Cat Grant going to react? You know she likes taking credit for superheroes in this town. This is going to fun.

4. A Villainous Team-Up

While this crossover serves as a means to bring two heroes together it’s also bringing us something that we don’t get too often on television: a villainous team-up. “World’s Finest” will bring together two metahumans (can we call them that on this show?) with Livewire, who we met earlier this season, and Silver Banshee, who makes her official debut this week. To make matters better it’s a villainous duo of badass women that Kara and Barry will have to go up against. While the outcome is already predetermined (Kara and Barry FTW) it’ll be fun to watch these two duos of good and bad battle each other.

5. The Fastest Person Alive

Seeing as it’s something that’s been hinted at in the promos themselves, we’re hoping that we get to see an answer to that question: “Who’s the fastest person alive?” Though it’s quite possible that it’s a question that will be left to the imaginations of the audience much like the “Who wins?” question during the first Arrow and The Flash crossover. But the scene featuring these two bubbly superheroes racing one another should surely be a sight to behold.

The Supergirl/Flash crossover airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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