Arrow: 6 Things We Know About Season 5

With Arrow beginning filming on its fifth season, the anticipation is at a high — especially with San Diego Comic-Con on the horizon. Our minds are racing with possibilities and questions about what lies in store for the show’s fifth season.

While filming hasn’t begun until Tuesday, there have been teases about the new season from the producers and actors which have given us a hint at what we can expect come October.

From the future of Oliver and Felicity on the romantic front to the final year of flashbacks, fans have a good idea of the direction in which season 5 is headed.

Here are 6 things we know about Arrow season 5:

1) A Return to Gritty, Grounded Reality

Since its inception Arrow has been the dark, grounded, super powerless superhero show. And that’s always worked. But over the past two seasons it has become something else as it has helped usher in new superheroes and spinoffs, which feature superpowers or certain mystical elements. But the producers and actors have reassured fans that Arrow will be returning to what Arrow does best, which is that grounded reality and a heavy dose of action minus the mystical, as well as those core relationships that have shaped Arrow.

2) Oliver and Felicity Won’t Be Together at the Start

When we last left Oliver and Felicity they were the lone members of Team Arrow that stayed behind to watch out over the city. The popular couple had suffered a roller coaster of a season four and ended the season apart in the romance side of things. But with a new season comes new possibilities. Stephen Amell revealed that Oliver and Felicity won’t be together when season five begins, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps that means we’ll get to see the pair work toward rebuilding that solid foundation and eventually giving that romance a go again. There’s always been a ton of hype surrounding Olicity, and Amell is doing a heck of a job promoting the fan-favorite ship and keeping the fandom on their toes. So while Oliver and Felicity won’t be together when season five begins, that’s no cause for concern. After all, just look at how season four played out.

3) Diggle is Getting a New Mask

While John Diggle might’ve taken a break from Team Arrow following an emotionally draining season, we always knew that he’d be back. And from the sound of it when he does return he’ll be getting a bit of an upgrade in the costume department. David Ramsey told fans at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest that The Flash’s Cisco will be designing Diggle a new helmet. A helmet that perhaps won’t resemble X-Men’s Magneto, which has been a running joke. Ramsey said that he’s seen it and even tried it on, and that he really likes it. Color us intrigued and thrilled about Diggle’s costume upgrade.


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4) Russia Flashbacks

As Arrow heads into its final season of island flashbacks, it’s been no secret since the season four finale that the flashbacks will take Oliver Queen to Russia in season five. While the flashbacks have seen their share of criticism over these past two seasons, this final season serves as an opportunity for redemption. There have been teases about how Oliver Queen became that man we met in the pilot, and the one element missing is the story of how Oliver got that Bratva tattoo and his history with the Russian mob. Certainly that appears to be the direction in which we’re headed, and that definitely has us excited for the flashbacks for the first time in a long time.

5) New Returning and Fresh Faces

While Arrow’s fourth season bid adieu to a couple familiar faces, including the major death of Laurel Lance and the end of big bad Damien Darhk, this new season will introduce some new faces and the return of some familiar ones. Echo Kellum will reprise his role as the lovable Curtis Holt in a series regular role, which indicates that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mr. Terrific. We’ll also see the return of Faux Black Canary as she transitions to a new role as Artemis. Arrow’s fifth season will introduce a new big bad (who has yet to be cast), Wild Dog, a new vigilante, Star City’s new district attorney, a new SCPD detective, a recurring villain, a Coast City journalist, and Cody Rhodes in a guest starring role. Stephen Amell also teased the return of a familiar face in the early part of season five that we haven’t seen in a couple seasons. Could it perhaps be Anatoli? Safe to say there’s going to be a whole lot of new faces come season five.

6) Lance Won’t Rejoin the Force

After Quentin Lance and Donna Smoak left Star City following the events of season four, we’ve been left to wonder what season five holds in store for them. While we’re not too sure on the Donna front, we do know a little more about Lance’s involvement in season five. Lance has always served as Team Arrow’s connection to the Star City Police Department. But following his release at the end of season four, that future appeared to be in jeopardy. Paul Blackthorne revealed at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest that Quentin will not be returning to the SCPD. So what does his future hold on Arrow? Could we perhaps see him take on a more permanent role on Team Arrow if and when he returns to Star City? And could his role be reduced some in this coming season?

Arrow season 5 premieres Oct. 5 at 8/7c on The CW.

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