5 Highlights from Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ

Last time Fangirlish attended Heroes and Villains Fan Fest (HVFF) NY/NJ it was in the middle of a snow storm. Snowpocalypse made it so attendees and actors couldn’t get into the area, the Saturday panels were closed, and the Nocking Point wine party was open for a limited time. This time around it was sunny, warm, and there wasn’t a dark cloud in sight.

After a weekend full of fans, panels, and meeting up with old friends, here are my top five highlights of HVFF NY/NJ!


1. Stephen Amell’s Smile & Never Ending Endurance

A lot of people don’t realize how hard Stephen Amell works. This past weekend he was somehow able to go from promoting TMNT 2 in China to doing panels, photo-ops, and autographs with fans at HVFF in New Jersey. And despite being go, go, go for days he still could pull off a smile like this one. *swoon alert*

Stephen Amell at HVFF NY/NJ

And sure he was a little tired, a little less exuberant than usual, but he still went for giving the fans a good time after the craziness that was Snowpocalypse in January. He posed with silly maple leaf headbands on his head, talked about the courageous girl who donated money to cancer research, and was excited to bring his friend Cody into the world of Arrow.

It’s actors like Stephen that make going to fan events like HVFF worthwhile.


2. Every Moment with John Barrowman

Let’s start off by saying that John has absolutely no filter. It doesn’t matter how gross, silly, or weird an experience is, he’ll talk about. He’ll go into rambling sentences full of energetic kicks in the air (seriously, he was kicking his feet while telling a story about having diarrhea on stage), funny faces, and a smile that rivals Stephen Amell’s in it’s beauty.

John Barrowman at HVFF NY/NJ

You know you’re in for a good time when John steps out on stage, especially in those flattering bermuda shorts.


3. Interviewing Katie Cassidy & Charlotte Ross

Last time at HVFF I wasn’t even remotely prepared for doing interviews. I wanted to enjoy my time there, get to know the place, and the thought of talking to someone I’d seen on TV frightened me to know end. After interviewing Katie Cassidy and Charlotte Ross I realize there was nothing to fear.

Katie Cassidy and Charlotte Ross at HVFF NY/NJ

Both women were accommodating and understanding, taking me to a quiet place to do the interview when the floor was too loud to answer my questions. They made me feel welcome and like I was talking to a friend and not someone I avidly watched week after week on Arrow. I can only hope that every interview from now on is as fantastic and easy as these two.


4. Brandi Rhodes Legs Popping Up Everywhere

One of the best parts of any con is getting photos. If you’re fortunate enough you’ll catch your favorite actor smiling like a goofball or hugging his tv sister and making you wish he was back on our screens. (Looking at you Colin.) And if you’re really lucky you might just end up with a little something extra and unexpected. Like the hosts toned legs in a pair of fabulous heels.

Brandi Rhodes at HVFF NY/NJ

About three quarters of my panels photos featured the, model/ring announcer/master’s degree holding, legs of Brandi Rhodes. It wasn’t on purpose of course. She was moderating the panels, killing it, and just so happened to be in my line of sight. Not that I regret it. It shows how much she works to keep in shape and that she’s proud of the results. If anything it makes me want to have legs like hers.

P.S. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram!


5. Meeting These Cosplayers…Again

This meeting was purely by chance. I had only seen them once before at Wizard World Philadelphia killing Robin and being confronted by Batman. (Very tense situation for Batman since he just walked up to it by accident.) Fortunately fate decided that I needed more Harley and Joker in my life at HVFF.

Harley Quinn & Joker Cosplay at HVFF NY/NJ

Like the first time, these two cosplayers were super sweet and didn’t mind posing for pictures the two times I met them this weekend. People like them are the reason I love cons. Makes you realize how kind people are, how fandom has changed lives, and how small the world truly is.

Heroes and Villains Fan Fest (HVFF) will make their next stop at San Jose, August 27 & 28, 2016.

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