The 100: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

Life on The 100 is never easy.

From crazy AI’s to tyrannical leaders, who think they’re doing their best to make Arkadia great again, it’s a hot stinking mess. And with the way that Season 3 of The 100 ended, it’s easy to come up with a list of things we want answered for Season 4 when the producers and cast head to San Diego Comic Con.

After much thought, here are the top 5 questions we want answered at SDCC!


1. What’s next for Bellarke?

Let’s start off by saying that Clarke and Bellamy are nowhere near ready for a romantic relationship. They spent season 3 learning to love others, having them taken away, and losing themselves to the pain that followed. (Maybe not in that order exactly but it still happened.)

If they ever have any hope of turning this relationship romantic, like in the books, they need to work on themselves and their friendship first. Little hints on how long that’s going to take and if The 100 will give them the time they deserve, are things we want to know.


2. Where do the Grounders and Skaikru stand now?

Before the threat of ALIE reared her ugly head and controlled the people on Earth, there was a war brewing. The Grounders and Skaikru stood divided and unwilling to compromise to survive. Everything’s changed now. Both of these people have been destroyed because of their ignorance. They now have two paths before them.

They can unite their people and make sure this never happens again. Or they can blame the other for the rise of ALIE. My hopes on the former but betting on the latter happening.


3. How will they stop another nuclear apocalypse happening on planet Earth?

There’s no denying that there are smart people on this show. (*cough* Raven *cough*) But the scale of the threat they are facing is extraordinary. The kind of technology and smarts needed to carry out a worldwide solution is just not possible.

Well…unless there’s a super secret city out there in the style of ALIE’s world that has glistening buildings, free ice cream as far as the eye can see, and a nuclear program that’s way ahead of Clarke and her ragtag group of friends/enemies/acquaintances.


4. Will Jaha be a problem…again?

It’s been a long time since I cared about Jaha. Sure he was fine on the Ark, outstanding leader floating people left and right. (Insert sarcasm here.) But something changed in him when he landed on Earth. Maybe it was the oxygen depravation, the lackluster landing, or the lose of his son. Either way he never found back to the slightly rational and heroic man he was up in space.

Now that he’s done his magical journey through the desert, destroyed his people with his buddy ALIE, and been released from the AI’s hold, what is he going to do now? My lack of faith in him and his history points to causing problems again and conveniently forgetting about the son he had. Some people just can’t face their pain and decide to run from it anyway they can.


5. How will Lincoln’s Death and Bellamy’s betrayal change Octavia?

Octavia’s entire life has been spent trying to find a place to belong. The Arkadians never knew of her and when they did, shunned her. The Grounders helped her flourish but only accepted parts of her. Even her brother didn’t know who she was. But Lincoln knew.

Lincoln grounded her and helped balance out the anger that she felt inside with the love he gave her. Now that he’s gone (partially due to her brother) she’s adrift. With nowhere to go or a people to call her own she might be headed down a dark road of self discovery.


The 100 returns mid-season 2017 on The CW.

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