Legends of Tomorrow: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

As the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con reaches the two-week mark, we can practically feel the fall television season get closer within our reach. That means that the return of time travel-happy Legends of Tomorrow is getting closer and closer to rocking our world with another year of time jumping and insanity.

Following an exciting freshman campaign, Legends of Tomorrow prepares for its second go-around as it launches a significant storyline with the introduction of the Justice Society of America. Given the JSA’s integration, the return of the team dynamic, along with two new additions to the team in Vixen and Citizen Steel, Legends of Tomorrow is shaping up for an even more insane ride in season two.

Here are five – of many – questions we want answered at San Diego Comic Con:

1. How will the Justice Society of America be integrated into the season?

While Legends of Tomorrow remains a show immersed in time travel, one of the new elements that the show teased in the final moments of its season finale was the introduction of the Justice Society of America. As Hourman came back in time to warn our group of Legends, he also introduced what will be a huge component of the show’s second season. So what can we expect to see with the JSA? Obviously the JSA is something that has yet to exist – as far as we know – in the present time in this Arrowverse. So perhaps something we’ll learn in this second season is how the JSA came to be. What prompted the formation of this hero league? Could that have something to do with the new threat that awaits our Legends this season? Regardless this season is going to open some wide doors with the integration of the JSA.

2. What can we expect from the new team dynamic?

One of the more compelling elements of Legends’ first season was the team dynamic. We had this diverse crop of characters that essentially were thrown together and forced to become a team. While they had their struggles they essentially emerged as a tight-knit family. But with the departures of Kendra and Carter and Snart’s “death,” there are some positions to be filled by Vixen and Citizen Steel. So how will the new additions mesh with the current group? I certainly hope it’s not instantaneous, which eliminates some pretty great character development on both sides. But with that said, our current crop of characters have had a season to grow with each other. How will their dynamic shift with this new season? Will we see new pairings? New romance? The possibilities are endless.

3. What new threat awaits the team this season?

Following Vandal savage’s reign as the underwhelming big bad of season one, I’m praying for a villain(s) that would absolutely wipe the floor with Savage come this season. With the introduction of the Justice League of America, there’s going to be a significant amount of focus around that storyline, which leads me to believe that perhaps this new threat might be tied to that in some way. Marc Guggenheim has teased that unlike last season where Savage was introduced in the Arrow/Flash crossover event that this year’s big bad will be introduced very much like they are on Arrow and The Flash, which is very gradual. With a show centered on time travel, it’s hard to imagine that this villain won’t have ties to that given the circumstances of last season. Or perhaps he/she will provide a different kind of threat. As we know, time travel isn’t something that you want to mess with. So it’s not like our Legends could go back in time and reset everything.

4. What past time periods will the Legends visit?

This is a selfish question because as a history nerd it’s been really incredible to see Legends of Tomorrow visit different time periods throughout history. While we’ve seen our Legends everywhere from the segregated ‘50s to the Wild West to the groovin’ ‘70s, something I’m curious about is what other past time periods they’ll be visiting in season two? Sure, it’s cool to travel into the future – which I expect will be huge given the integration of the Justice Society of America this season – but nothing’s cooler than getting to jump into the past and experience that difference. I’m still holding out for hope that we might see Legends visit something of historical significance like perhaps the American Revolution or the Renaissance.

5. Can we expect more visits to past and future versions of themselves or familiar faces?

When you play with time travel there is so much that you can do. The possibilities are endless. Something that Legends did that really showed how expansive this universe is was bring past and future versions of these characters that we know. We saw past versions of Martin Stein, Leonard Snart, Sara Lance, and we saw Oliver Queen 30 years in the future. It not only shows the connectedness of this universe but also shows the reach of this show. When our Legends collide with past and future versions of themselves or those they know it always makes for excellent television. Plus it really provides great opportunities to delve further into who these characters are.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 2 premieres Thursday, Oct. 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Thanks for putting “death” in quotes when referring to Captain Cold! After all, we know death is merely a temporary condition in the DC TV universe. I want to know how they’re bringing him back. Not that they’ll tell us!

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