Supergirl SDCC 2016 Interview: Executive Producer Sarah Schechter

The final moment of Supergirl’s season finale showed a Kryptonian pod crashing to the Earth and Kara opening it to come face-to-face with a certain someone who will have a significance in this coming season. And of course the question of the summer has been: Who’s in the pod?

“Very soon you will find out who it is in the pod,” executive producer Sarah Schechter told us during a roundtable interview at SDCC. “It’ll take a little bit longer to unravel what that person’s motivations, backstory, and relationship to Kara will be. That’ll take a little bit longer. We’ll have fun as Kara figures it out, the audience figures it out.”

Much of Supergirl’s first season saw references to the Girl of Steel’s famous cousin, whether it was flashes in the sky or an instant message, but we never saw his face or met him. That decision came as a means to keep the focus on Kara being as it is her show. But Schechter believes that they’ve finally come to a point where they can introduce Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and not worry about it taking away from this being Kara’s show.


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“The show is not about Superman,” Schechter said. “But it was really establishing Kara and her strength that she’s the center of the show and not stray from that. Now that we’re going to season two, we feel like we’ve done that. It’s so clearly her show and she’s equal to Superman that now we felt like we could bring him in.”

Watch our interview with Schecter below where she discusses the importance of strong female characters throughout the DCTV shows, the addition of Lynda Carter to the cast, Cat Grant’s involvement this season, and more.

Supergirl season two premieres Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW

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