Supernatural 12×03 Review: The Foundry

Watching the Winchesters hunt together in Supernatural’s “The Foundry” was like seeing a dream come true. A family we never thought would be together, got a chance to hit the road and hunt things, save people, the family business.

It became apparent almost instantly that everything wasn’t as it seemed. Mary Winchester wasn’t all there, Sam recognized her discomfort almost instantly, and Dean was so happy that she was with them, that he made excuses and tried to hide it with enthusiasm and spicy jerky.


Mary was struggling to fit in this version of our world and with the flood of information from John’s journal, her sons, and even the internet. She spent quiet moments trying to process it all but ultimately she couldn’t do it in the bunker. I love that Supernatural didn’t gloss over the fact that Mary just lost her boys and her husband. It makes sense that she needs time to process and mourn them. (Even cutting her hair is compartmentalizing and moving forward.)

Mama Winchester leaving doesn’t mean that she loves her children any less or that she won’t come back. If anything, it means that she loves them so much that she wants to make sure that she gives them the mother they deserve, one who’s all in. Ignore the final tone that the closing of the bunker door, left you with. Mary Winchester will be back for her boys.


It’s interesting to note that even though Sam never really had memories of his mother, he’s the one that could connect to her the most and recognized how lost she was almost instantly. The Foundry made us remember how Sam felt like he didn’t fit in the hunter world and how he went off to find his own place at university. And even when Sam returned to hunt with Dean at the beginning of the series, he struggled to find his place among all the demons, spirits, and things that go bump in the night.

Sam understands Mary’s need to take a step back and choose yourself for a change. Don’t get me wrong, he wants her to stay just as much as Dean does. This is his mother after all and someone who loves him unconditionally. (When was the last time someone said, “I love you” to Sam?) But he’ll let her go because he knows what it is to feel obligated to stay when you should really go. Sam will wait for her patiently and come when she needs him.


Dean Everybody Leaves Me Winchester is another story. He flinched away from his mother’s touch! *insert sob here* Most of his life has been spent hunting the demon that killed her and led to the career he has now. Having her back and going on a family hunting trip together felt like everything he deserved and wanted. It was a reprieve from all the darkness and pain that they’ve known. A chance to start anew. 

Mary leaving feels a bit like a betrayal, like they aren’t enough for her, when she’s obviously enough for them. Unlike Sam, Dean keeps his cards close to his chest and reacts with anger first. Sure, he’ll break eventually and have a tearjerker worthy moment with his brother in Baby or when his mother returns, but for now he’s going to brood, epically. Dean feels abandoned, again.

It’s nice to see that even after 12 seasons, Supernatural still knows what made us fall in love with them in the first place: respect for its fans, monsters with agendas, and family drama that resonates with us all in someway or another.

Additional Notes:
  1. Why is it that everyone that Dean loves has attacked him at one point or another while being possessed? Bobby’s done it, Sam’s done it, and now his own mother. Having your loved one attack you should leave echoes of pain and wariness around these people, but Dean keeps loving them.
  2. The entire length of “The Foundry” was spent with me yelling #SaveRowena2016! But Rowena didn’t need anyone to rescue her. She played the part and let Lucifer believe that she was weak when she’s one of the strongest of them all.
  3. And let’s not act like we didn’t notice that Dean complimented a random bike while getting snacks for their family road trip. That’s going to come back and bite them in the ass!
Favorite Scene From The Foundry:

Castiel primping himself to meet possible witnesses was adorable. He was channeling everything he learned from Sam & Dean. Makes you wonder how long the Winchesters take to get ready?

Favorite Quotes From The Foundry:
  1. Mary, you do belong here.
  2. Bumping into each other, working the same leads. What are the odds, Cassie? Fate brought us together!
  3. Hello, I’m Agent Beyonce and this is my partner, Agent Z.
  4. So, mother and I had an unfortunate, if not embarrassing, run in with Lucifer. You’re just mad because you’re only my second choice for a Lucifer hunt team up.
  5. You thought Keith Richards was bad, try Iggy Pop!
  6. I gotcha, Mom.
  7. I miss John. I miss my boys.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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