Legends of Tomorrow 2×04 Roundtable: 'Abominations'

A new season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow means a new season of roundtables where Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, and Lyra discuss the hot topics from every Legends of Tomorrow episode.

In Legends of Tomorrow’s fourth episode of season 2, our Legends found themselves confronted with zombies in the Civil War, which proved to be a fantastic episode that balanced the fun and serious tones in what makes this show so great.

What were your overall thoughts on “Abominations?”

Alyssa: Legends of Tomorrow has completely reinvented itself from a super-serious time travel show to a super-fun time travel in a matter of a season. It’s the result of the producers not only realizing but admitting that they effed up last season and were able to make the show we all deserve. “Abominations” was an episode that was as fun as it was serious. It was a reminder that you can blend the serious in — given the nature of the time period — and still have a little fun along the way. Everything from the zombies to the slavery issue and how it was personal for two of our characters made “Abominations” anything but an abomination in my book.

Lizzie: That was …eh. Fun. Wasn’t that fun? When did Legends of Tomorrow become this fun? First ninjas, now zombies! And for the Walking Dead mentions, these weren’t really the scary type of zombies. They were the hilarious type of zombies. Add to that a certain sense of purpose from the slavery storyline, and this was, once again, a really solid episode of a show that seems to have found it’s groove in season 2.

Lyra: Legends of Tomorrow is really weirding me out. Like honestly…how did this become my favorite DC show? How did it become the one I could come to depend on? How did Ray Palmer give me feels!? The mystery continues in Abominations when Jax gave me feels, about the kind of country we were not so long ago, with a backdrop of zombies. They topped it all off by making me ship a brotp I never expected, Ray/Mick. They have strengths and weaknesses that, oddly enough, mesh well together and make them better legends. Next week I expect Ray to have trail mix and goodies for his stake out with Mick. Head canon accepted!

Bet you never expected to see zombies in the Civil War! What did you think about this unique take?

Alyssa: If you would’ve told me last season that Legends of Tomorrow was tackling zombies in the Civil War, I would’ve laughed in your face. But this season it works. Legends of Tomorrow has done a fantastic job of not taking itself too seriously where storylines like this are possible. Not only are they possible, but they’re so much damn fun. So zombies in the Civil War was something that I enjoyed probably way too much more than I should’ve. Although that had to do with Stein’s uber fear of zombies, which was perhaps the most hilarious part of the episode. Giving these characters opportunities to open up emotionally and making it funny is something that Legends is excelling at.

Lizzie: I loved it. I mean, it was a tad ridiculous, but then again, when isn’t this show a tad ridiculous? At least they own it now. When you own it you can take advantage of the ridiculousness. And that’s where we’re at right now with LOT. Full on taking advantage of how absurd this whole thing is. Only thing I really want to know is – if this time traveler came from the future, does that mean we’re all zombies?

Lyra:  I think adding zombies to the Civil War is a clever and fun way to get people interested in our past. Too often we ignore it because of the way it’s delivered leaves something to be desired or we’re just overwhelmed by it. Zombies are in right now. Mix these two together and you’ll get people wondering what really happened and get lost in a Google spiral. That’s exactly what happened to me after Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and you bet your ass I did it after this episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

This time period proved to be an emotional one for Jax, who found himself in the middle of some of the darkest times in history. What did you think about Jax’s storyline?

Alyssa: I absolutely loved how Legends of Tomorrow was able to explore an emotional aspect of Jax’s story given the time period they were exploring. I loved how Jax didn’t believe that it was impact him, which of course immediately told me that it would. There was something so deeply moving about this storyline and how personal it got for him. No longer was it something that he heard of, it was something that he was a part of. Surely it was difficult watching it happen to others, but Jax being one of those slaves was something that was forever change him inside. We don’t get to explore Jax’s emotional side too often, so this was great to see. It also made sense, which is something that Legends of Tomorrow is also proving that it possesses this season.

Lizzie: I think, in the midst of the levity, Jax’s storyline served to ground the episode, and yet, thanks to the levity, it wasn’t depressing? I mean, it was, because what was happening was awful and there’s no way to make it better, we sadly don’t have a time machine, but I think the show did a good job of balancing its general light tone with a message that still sorta resonated with the audience.

Lyra: I have to agree with Lizzie on this one. The ridiculous nature of zombies in the Civil War was grounded by Jax’s storyline. Too often we’re told about atrocities by those who won and those in power. Jax had first hand experience of one of the darkest times in US history to date. It will no doubt change him and strip away the naivety & youth he started this journey with. He’ll become a stronger and more formidable legend in the fight against those set to destroy our world.

This was the first episode where Ray had to confront the reality that he had to find a new way to contribute to the team. He ended up using his intellect as a superpower. What were your thoughts on an Atom-less Ray?

Alyssa: If you would’ve told me two years ago that I would love Ray Palmer, I’d have thrown something in your face. But I do. I really, really do. It just goes to show you what good writing and bad writing can do to a character. Ray was never given the due justice he deserved on Arrow, but Legends of Tomorrow is really doing right by this character, especially this season. I love this entire storyline with Ray coming to grips with the harsh reality that he’s probably not going to be the Atom moving forward. He had to discover that being a superhero is so much more than a supersuit or a nickname. Ray discovered that he possesses his own superpower all on his own: his intelligence. And make no mistake that’s a superpower on its own. I really love how Ray is handling this situation. It’s a very difficult situation to go from this superpowered hero to a man who doubts in his own heroics without it. Now, I don’t believe this is permanent by any extent, but I’m going to enjoy this storyline as long as they’ll give it to me. And I’ll continue loving Ray Palmer.
Lizzie: I love Ray Palmer. No, seriously, I love him. Can I marry him? He’ll pack my lunches when I go to work and make sure I eat healthy and get plenty of exercise and he’ll just look at me with that dopey face and …wait, what? What was I saying? Oh, yes. I love Ray Palmer. He never needed the suit to be a superhero, he just thought he did, and I think the suit will come back at some point – he’s smart enough to build another one, but I also think that being without the suit forces him to confront those fears that he’s not worthy, and also, it’ll push him toward the realization that he’s a really smart dude, and that’s what the team needs him for. It’s your brain, Ray. IT’S YOUR BRAIN.

Lyra: Atom-less Ray Palmer might the first time we’re actually seeing the hero he could be. Gadgets, bow staffs, arrows, and masks don’t make the hero. The courage and strength inside to do what is right when no one else will, makes a hero. From what I’m seeing now, which I can’t believe I’m saying in the first place, Ray Palmer has the potential to be a great hero and legend. He faced his fears and kept moving in “Abominations.” Even he knows that he’s discovering something new about the kind of man he is. Hopefully he won’t stop.

One of the underrated dynamics on the show is Ray and Mick, which is an opposites attract sort of thing. Mick asked Ray to be his new partner and gave him Snart’s cold gun as a sign of good faith. What are your thoughts on this team up?

Alyssa: These two have been my favorites since season one back when the writing and storytelling seemed to be gaining steam. I love when a show puts two characters together that couldn’t be more different. And Ray and Mick are the perfect example of that. We got to see the beginnings of their semi-friendship last season, but it’s something that hadn’t really been revisited since then. But this episode was fantastic because of the circumstance that brought about what’s sure to be a big storyline moving forward. Given that Mick’s lost Snart, he turned to Ray and asked if he’d like to be his partner in crime. I repeat MICK ASKED RAY TO BE HIS FRIEND, I MEAN PARTNER. It was so damn beautiful and hit me emotionally in a way I wasn’t prepared for. I cannot wait to see where these two go moving forward.

Lizzie: IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. SO, SO PRETTY. I’ve got FEELS. About Mick Rory and Ray Palmer. Like, WTF? When did this happen? How? I really, really love these two together. BROTP for the ages. I think they can probably bring out fun stuff in each other, especially because they’re so different. I love Leonard Snart, and I will forever miss him, but I do think this partnership works as well, if not better, and I’m really looking forward to what they can do together.

Lyra: Simply put, I NEVER EXPECTED TO LOVE MICK AND RAY SO MUCH! New brotp alert! They’re the epitome of opposites attract and it works. Ray is someone Mick can depend on to do right by him and have his back no matter what. And Mick tells Ray how it is and pushes him to do better, to grasp at his potential and fight for more. Mick giving him Captain Cold’s gun was a sign of trust and that he’s ready to move forward with someone new. I look forward to banter, angry growling, and goofy smiles. (The goofy smiles are all Ray…or are they?)

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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