Timeless 1×09 Review: What’s Meant to Be

“You never heard of Lucy and Wyatt?” After this episode everyone will have.
Timeless has an incredible way of choosing the perfect moment in history and weaving the perfect storyline around it. Of course this week’s focus centered around Lucy and Wyatt as they were on the run with the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.
Bonnie and Clyde. While criminals and murderers, there’s no denying that they were the perfect historical example of “true love.” Which made their timing oh so perfect as Lucy and Wyatt found themselves in a situation that forced them to act like a pair in love, which acted as a kickstarter to bring these unresolved feelings to the surface.
“The Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde” was well paced and the tone was that of fun and intense, as well as emotionally compromising for fans, as we were transported to the 1930s at the heart of the reign of Bonnie and Clyde. Timeless has a way of transporting you into these historical moments in a way that I haven’t seen on television. It makes us feel like Lucy every time she’s giving heart eyes to these famous historical figures that she comes into contact with.
But as we all know, there was one thing that stole the entire episode. Let’s get right to the good stuff…


I don’t care if it was all for show. Lucy and Wyatt’s liplock in “The Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde” certainly proved that there’s no denying the connection between these two partners. The lingering moment after the kiss tells you all you need to know. There are feelings there.
Maybe those feelings weren’t as obvious at first. But that kiss has opened the path for admittance of those feelings for Lucy and Wyatt in what is sure to be an emotional journey for these two characters moving forward.
Then we got that whole awkward exchange where they’re all “it was all for show” and being all cute trying to deny that it wasn’t anything when it was actually everything. This is the stuff that wonderful, grueling slowburns are made of.
“Just playing a role.”
Uh huh.
“It worked.”
It sure did, Lucy.
You can see it ever so clearly once again near episode’s end as they’re walking away after chalking it all up to playing a role. It’s easy for them right now to use that as a security blanket. But what happens when the feelings hit in overwhelming fashion and they can’t hide behind that any longer?
There’s no denying that the kiss – and playing “true loves” – actually opened the door to real feelings for both Lucy and Wyatt. For the first time it’s more than just chemistry. It’s more than just flirting. There’s actual acknowledgement of feelings and there’s thinking about the possibility of “what could be.” It’s so simple and yet so impactful. It’ll set the scene and define their journey moving forward this season. (Until Wyatt’s dead wife returns. Because you know it’s going to happen right after Lucy and Wyatt get together. Think about the most painful thing that could happen and chances are it’ll happen.)

One True Love?

With Bonnie and Clyde, the infamous criminal lovers, the center of attention there was a lot of focus on whether this “one true love” fantasy is reality. And while it might be true for Bonnie and Clyde, that doesn’t make it true for everyone else.
Seeing Bonnie and Clyde being so obviously and deeply in love with each other clearly affected Wyatt significantly. He was haunted by memories of that love with his deceased wife Jessica. Later as Lucy and Wyatt are laying in bed, Lucy tells Wyatt that there is only one person in the world for him: Jessica. But that doesn’t mean that Wyatt has to spend the rest of his life alone.
There’s no questioning the undertone of Lucy’s statement. While she might not have fully intended to insert herself into the equation, make no sense that the writers fully intended that. And that doesn’t mean she won’t soon realize that she wants to be that person for Wyatt.
Never mind the fact that as Wyatt lay there once again drowning himself in his guilt and pain that he doesn’t realize that the woman that could help him find love again is lying right beside him — the perfect mix of smart, beautiful, charismatic, and passionate.
Maybe there’s one true love for everyone. And maybe there’s not. Maybe your “true love” feels like your “true love” because you never get the chance to find a love like that again – maybe it’s because you meet an early end like Bonnie and Clyde or maybe you never really open yourself up to the possibility of finding love again.
Regardless, you never really know. Not for sure. But when it comes down to it, it’s what you choose to believe and what you choose to do. Can you allow yourself to move on? Will you allow yourself to move on? Or will you confine yourself to a lifetime of loneliness as you tell yourself you don’t want to betray your first love?
Wyatt has been subjecting himself to pain and heartache for four years since his wife Jessica died. He’s carried that pain for four years. Four years. And from what we’ve gathered, it doesn’t look like he ever intended to try to move on. Perhaps it was the guilt that he forced on himself for being the reason she died. Perhaps he’s afraid that if he does choose to move on that he’ll find a love like Jessica’s again or maybe a love even great. Perhaps it’s a combination of both.
But if Timeless has shown us anything it’s that Wyatt is going to be challenged by Lucy. From the start she’s challenged him in their line of work. Now we’re starting to see that she’s challenging him the more he grows to care for her. And after this week there’s no going back.
Who’s to say that there’s one person in this world that we’re meant to be with? Who’s to say that we’re “meant to be” with just one person? Who’s to say that maybe we are?
Perhaps Lucy and Wyatt are that person for each other. It’s all happened in an unconventional way, sure. But isn’t that fate in a nutshell? Who’s to say the universe didn’t work in mysterious ways to bring Lucy and Wyatt together? They each have their tragic backstory, and it was ultimately this mission intertwined with fate that brought them together.

What the Hell is Rittenhouse Really?

While we might know about Rittenhouse, we’re far from even an inkling of clue as to what the hell Rittenhouse is. Other than an organization that has been around for hundreds of years and that famous figures in history have been associated with it.
The more I think about Rittenhouse the more I believe that Flynn is actually telling the truth here. I know it all comes down to what we see as an audience, but from what we’ve seen Rittenhouse looks like a legitimate, dangerous threat to everyone. And the fact that we know so little about them is absolutely terrifying.
In “The Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde,” Flynn sought a certain key that was wrapped around Bonnie’s neck. It was no doubt a Rittenhouse key and something important. We later learned that Clyde stole it off Henry Ford himself, which once again adds to the mystery of Rittenhouse as another significant character in history is associated with the organization.

“The key to the beginning of all time and the key to the end of all time.”

That’s what was inscribed on the key that Bonnie wore around her neck. That’s what was inscribed on the key that Flynn sought. That’s what was inscribed on the key that Lucy and Wyatt tried so desperately to get first. That’s what was inscribed on the key that Flynn retrieved and used to open a box that revealed a mysterious scroll that has us sweating bullets.
No, but seriously. What the hell is Rittenhouse really?!
Timeless airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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