iZombie 3×02 Review: Zombie Knows Best

iZombie’s ‘Zombie Knows Best’ saw Liv and Major acting like a supportive father and obnoxious teenager duo while trying to solve a murder, Ravi finally deflating when it comes to his situation with Payton, and Clive getting flashbacks we never knew we wanted.

This show’s strength lies in the fact that just because Liv is the “main character” doesn’t mean the people around her can’t receive the same care and treatment when it comes to their storylines. Clive experienced a major expansion to his storyline in this episode and Ravi is on his way as well. And Major, as usual, continues down a path parallel to Liv’s but on a different lane of his own.

As Season 3 goes forward in enriching the show with complex stories staring Clive, Ravi, and Major, it’s important to not forget who started it all and what the focus should always fall back on. Liv Moore. It’s not that I don’t trust these writers, I do. It’s that I’ve been burned before and I don’t want to see this show go down the same path others have as they expand their team.

You know who you are.

Clive is Finally Part of the Team

Clive not knowing about zombies has always held him back. He’s solved murders with Liv, been at the core of a lot of things happening, but he’s never been a part of Team Z. He’s been blind to how the world has changed or what his friends were really dealing with. Now that he’s in the know it feels like a brand new door has opened when it comes to Clive.

Solving murders with Liv and Ravi has changed because he knows how her visions work and understands the weird things that happen at the morgue or during interrogations. His relationship with Liv, working and personal, has started to grow and become more intimate. And even the way he looks at murders has changed because he knows that there are zombies out there.

The decision to link Clive to the murdered family during the premiere was the right step for iZombie and where they plan to take Clive’s storyline. He cares for Liv and what happens to her, but killing two people he was close with in the past makes all of this even more personal. He won’t stop until they find out who killed them and I think we’ll be surprised at the lengths he’ll go to make sure that happens.

Not What I Expected

Let’s start off by saying that I didn’t think they would take this route with Ravi. Last week he was acting like a jerk and I was prepared for iZombie to take the same route as many other shows have taken with a situation such as this or at least hold off for a bit and make Ravi a brooding jerk who blames the girl for…well, everything.

Instead, we see that Ravi has deflated.

He’s still a little broody but he’s looking at the situation with Peyton from a place other than anger, which made him look like a jerk during the premiere.  He understands that he needs to talk to her and stop avoiding Peyton. She’s his friend and they share mutual friends. There’s no way they can avoid each other for much longer.

I loved that Ravi asked advice from his friends. He needed perspective, and even though they were on completely different brains, he trusts Liv and Major with his life. Why not his love life, too? I also loved that Ravi didn’t let what was weighing down his heart affect his work. He was still part of the team, they had a murder to solve, and he knew he needed to balance it all and not become a cliche.

Here’s hoping iZombie continues doing the unexpected as it expands on Ravi’s backstory and throws us into a Ravi/Peyton/Blaine love angle. (I refuse to call it a love triangle. Unless Ravi is into Blaine too…which he isn’t.)

Can Major Be On Teenage Girl Brain, Forever?

Robert Buckley’s performance as Major on teenage girl brains is hands down, my favorite zombie brain reaction yet. He blew Liv out of the water and I didn’t think that would ever be possible because Rose McIver has been killing it for years!

It’s an iZombie fact that every brain drastically changes how our characters act and handle situations. This brain took serious situations like finding Natalie, solving a murder, and his new job as a mercenary, and made them funny. The severity of the situations are still there but it doesn’t feel melodramatic or like Major’s about to go and sit in a corner and brood about it. (The CW really knows how to make it’s heroes brood.) Instead his brain will sass at Liv and yell, “Don’t even!” while going over the details in head about what he’s going to do next.

Every time Major popped up I couldn’t help but think about how much fun the actor must’ve had on set that day and how hard it must be not to burst out laughing when Major acted childish, rolled his eyes, or bopped around to some teenage music about love. From this side of the table iZombie seems like the dream job for someone looking to have fun, take on a bunch of unique situations, and break out of the boring will they, won’t they that ex-boyfriends always fall prey to when they break up with the lead.

Additional Notes:
  1. Over-protective and hip Dad Liv was fantastic. She gave out the best advice, was supportive, and didn’t take any of Major’s sass. Would’ve loved to see her embarrass Major by bringing out baby pictures like all good parents do when they’re proud of their kids.
  2. I can’t shake off the feeling that Vivian is behind these zombie killings. It’s the best way to spur on her idea that the humans will destroy zombies at first knowledge of them.
  3. I also can’t shake off the feeling that Blaine is up to something too. I want to believe he’s lost his memory and that he’s a changed man. But Blaine is a con man who will do anything to survive.
  4. A smoothie tube of zombie brains doesn’t sound appetizing at all. Also, I know what I just said and have no desire to eat brains. It’s just that Liv’s continued cooking lessons make everything look good. Don’t act like you weren’t staring at those chili dogs she made!
Check out the trailer for next week’s iZombie:

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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