See The Trailer for Lily Collins Movie, ‘To The Bone’

We know that this came out a few days ago and we are sorry we missed it.

You all should know we’d follow Lily Collins anywhere – because she’s the OG Clary Fray. But we also feel that this film, To The Bone, is important. It’s a story that needs to be told.

The story is about20-year-old Ellen, who can reel off calorie counts without hesitation and who’s spent most of her life in and out of various anorexia treatment centers. When her stepmother (Carrie Preston) sends her to a new treatment facility, Ellen expects to find more of the same, but she’s surprised to connect with the center’s nontraditional program, led by an unconventional doctor (Keanu Reeves).

To the Bone will premiere on Netflix on July 14.

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