‘Supergirl’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Jessica Queller & Robert Rovner Talk Sanvers & Preview Reign

With a new season comes to new faces, new expectations, and plenty of new storylines to explore. One of those storylines has to do with a preexisting couple that continues to experience many firsts together. Another introduces a new face that’s sure to intrigue audiences from the very beginning.
We spoke with Supergirl executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner at San Diego Comic-Con last month, where they teased what we can expect regarding fan-favorite couple Sanvers, as well as a new kind of villain in World Killer, Reign.
Last season, our hearts were full of love for the couple known as Sanvers, which brought together two strong and passionate ladies, Alex and Maggie. Their love story was beautiful and resonated with audiences – and we even got a proposal in the final minutes of the season finale! But with Floriana Lima stepping down from series regular to recurring, fans are naturally nervous about what that means for Sanvers.

“We love Floriana (Lima), and we were sad that she wasn’t able to come back full-time,” Rovner said. “We love this relationship we’ve created. With that, we’re going to be telling a story – a modern day love story – that really honors the relationship that will hopefully resonate, and I think will be very satisfying.”
Speaking of season 3, Supergirl will be introducing a new Big Bad – another female villain, which we’re beyond excited for. But as far as Reign goes, it sounds like this villain is going to be one the audience really connects with on an emotional level.
“She’s a World Killer – genetically engineered,” Rovner said. “She’s a very different villain than any of the other villains on the other Arrowverse show. She comes with her own agenda, which puts her at odds with Supergirl.”
“We feel like this is going to be a villain that the audience emotionally invests in,” Queller added.
Watch our full interview with Queller and Rovner below:

Supergirl season 3 premieres Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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