Dumplin’ Star Dove Cameron Gives Some Solid Advice On Twitter

Life is really fucking hard. Lets all admit it sometimes it’s really savage and a lot to handle. But at that point, let us also admit that we are all trying to do the same thing – live our lives.

In a world where it seems like there is more hate than love, 21 year old Dove Cameron (one of the stars of the upcoming Dumplin’ adaptation) took to her Twitter to talk about what she thinks that we can all do to fix our issues with others.

We have to admit for 21 years old, she’s pretty damn wise.

This rings so true for us lately, because of the online hate that we get over our opinions about certain fandoms.

Do we do things to intentionally piss people off? Nope. Do we do things to intentionally hurt people? Nope.

We do things because we speak our truths, our opinions.

Another tweet seemed to sum it all up perfectly.

“Everyone is just trying to find their way,” she said. No words have ever rung so true.

Thanks for the solid advice Dove.

Featured Image: Dove Cameron’s Snapchat

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