Wondercon 2018: Goran Visnjic teases Lucy’s Diary and Flynn’s Motivations in ‘Timeless’ Season 2

Goran Visnjic is the kind of charismatic actor that makes it hard for you to hate any character he’s playing, even if, at face value, he’s playing the villain. This is a particularly good thing when applied to such a nuanced, interesting character as Garcia Flynn, and to a writing team that really, really understands that no one is black and white – we’re all shades of grey.

We had a chance to chat with Goran at Wondercon 2018, and he had a lot of good tidbits to share – even after teasing that he could not possibly share any! Most interesting is, perhaps, his promise that we will find out, sooner rather than later, how Flynn got Lucy’s diary, and his tease that the answer to that question changes the rules for the show and also sets up the third season of Timeless.

(The third season we want, NBC. The third season we need. Please.)

He also had something to say about Flynn’s motivations, and whether he was truly just waiting for a chance to betray the Time Team, or in for a long-time partnership. But we don’t want to spoil it all – check out the video below for all he had to say, and then come speculate with us in the comments!

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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