‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Blows Us Away

Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of me screaming in excitement because CAPTAIN MARVEL IS COMING AND SHE’S THE BEST.

Yes, I’m practically this gif right now, and I’ve got no shame. None whatsoever.

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The poster – shown above – dropped yesterday, and that was plenty good, but the trailer, which aired during the halftime of MNF, was otherworldly good.

Probably the first time I’ve ever watched a game because of what’s happening during halftime, but I’ve got no shame.

Here’s the trailer:

Now, let’s talk about it. How are we feeling about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING Brie Larson? Doesn’t it feel like Jude Law is everywhere these days? How does this tie into Avengers 4? Why do I always cry when she stands up and the words on the screen go from HER to HERO?

Is it March yet?

What do you think? Did you love it? That’s the only possible answer, anyway, so tell us what you loved in the comments below!

Captain Marvel is scheduled for release March 8th, 2019.

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