Super Bowl LIII Pick ‘Em: Patriots vs. Rams

Another Super Bowl. And another Super Bowl where 31 franchises collectively unite in hatred of the dynasty that is the New England Patriots. It’s a story we’ve seen before. It’s a story we think we can assume the ending. But this young Los Angeles Rams team might have something to say about that.
Super Bowl LIII is upon us and it’s a battle of young vs. old, destiny vs. dynasty, Goff vs. Brady, McVay vs. Belichick. Every storyline possible, it’s been covered.
While the Philadelphia Eagles were able to pull off the impossible in Super Bowl LII — defeat the Patriots en route to their first Super Bowl title — there’s a question of it the Rams can do the same. Our Fangirlish sports writers Alyssa, Lizzie, and Charles discuss this Super Bowl LIII match-up and why each team has a very real chance of winning.
It’s time for our final NFL Pick ‘Em of the 2018 season!

Why do you think the Los Angeles Rams will win Super Bowl LIII?


Alyssa: Because they’ve got this far and are in the perfect position to play spoiler to the Patriots, who most people believe has this in the bag. Because they have the talent. Because they have the coach. Because, why not? Sure, the Rams aren’t the same team that jumped out to that 8-0 start and seemed unbeatable at one point. Sure, Jared Goff has proven that he can be pressured into mistakes. Sure, Todd Gurley was completely shut down in the NFC Championship. And yet, the Rams can do this. They can beat the Patriots. They can win the Super Bowl. Not only do they have a solid defense with one of the best defenders in the league in Aaron Donald, but they also boast one of the league’s best offenses when firing on all cylinders. Not to mention they’ve got the young genius in Sean McVay, who has proven that he can coach with the best of them. Can he best Bill Belichick? That’s to be seen, but you can bet he’s going to try.
Lizzie: Because no matter what the Patriots and Tom Brady are trying to say, the Rams are the underdogs, and being the underdog in the Super Bowl comes with less pressure. There’s no legacy on the line, there’s just …the end of another season. For the Rams, even getting here is a good thing. For the Patriots? If they lose, this is a failure. So they’re starting from very different places. Plus, I’ve written out the Rams twice before in this very same postseason, and here they are. The Patriots are right where we expected, the Rams aren’t. You know how that story ends, don’t you?
Charles: Because they have nothing to lose. Seriously, the Rams are the underdogs in the Super Bowl no matter how many weird videos the Pats put out that make them seems like everything is against them. Wade Phillips is a mastermind on the defensive side of the ball so he’ll have a game plan ready to make things difficult for Brady and his pals. As for the offense, if they can play keep away with the running game of Gurley and C.J. Anderson, they have a very good chance of pulling off the upset.

Why do you think the New England Patriots will win Super Bowl LIII?


Alyssa: Because they’re the New England Patriots. Because they’ve been here before. Because they’ve done this many times before. Because they have Bill Belichick. Because they have Tom Brady. Because they always seem to find a way. While I don’t for a second believe this “underdog” role that Brady and the Patriots are trying to play, there’s no denying that this team has done a lot with a little this season. This is far from the most talented Patriots team that’s made it to the Super Bowl, and yet you can never count them out. While this offense boasts arguably the best quarterback of all time in Brady, this Patriots offense has evolved from a Brady-led attack to a balanced attack with a vicious power run offense. That just might be the equalizer.
Lizzie: Because, in my nightmares, the Patriots always win the Superbowl and there’s nothing I can do and I can’t wake up and I have to watch them all hoist the Lombardi Trophy. But also because, and this is what bothers me about the Patriots, it’s what has always bothered me  (well, now you can add Tom Brady’s friendship with You-Know-Who to the list, and all that says about him), they’re actually a good team. They always have been. In fact, they’re more than just a good team, they’re a great team. They never needed the ‘edge’ cheating gave them, and yet they took it, every time they could. And that makes it impossible to ever root for.
Charles: Because it feels like they always do. Enough has been said about Tommy Brady by the media so I’ll just say that this Patriots team can win not because of him but their running game. It does damage to defenses when they think they have stopped Brady. As for the defense, it’s been not great all year long but they still got to this point didn’t they? That defense makes just enough plays to give the offense a chance to win. And with Brady, they always do.

Who is your pick for the winner of Super Bowl LIII?


Alyssa: Patriots 31, Rams 21 – My heart says Rams, but my head says Patriots. Bill Belichick lives to scheme the hell out of young quarterbacks. Not to mention the blueprint for how to defeat the Rams is out there. The Bears showed exactly how to power down that high-flying offense. Pressure Jared Goff, take Todd Gurley out of the game. Mainly, pressure Jared Goff. And I have no reason to believe that they can’t do that. Oh, and they have Tom freaking Brady. (Sidenote: Not to mention that if the Rams win I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach knowing the Bears put a beating on them and should be there. What’s stronger? My hate for the Patriots or hate that the Bears aren’t in the Super Bowl? Definitely the latter.)
Lizzie: Rams 34, Patriots 31 – Look, even if I’m wrong, I feel better with myself predicting this. So, why not? The Rams have already beaten two teams I didn’t think they were gonna beat. Also, unlike Alyssa, I have nothing against the Rams. I’ll worship at the altar of Goff, if needed to.
Charles: Patriots 24, Rams 17 – They are the Patriots. It feels like everything is always set for them to win it all. Why have this year be any different?

Super Bowl LIII takes place Sunday, Feb. 3 at 6:30pm on CBS.

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