‘Grownish’ 2×08: “Workin’ Me”

I cannot believe we are already on episode 8 of Grownish ya’ll, this season is flying by and I have loved every minute so far.  We all know, Zoey gave up her design lab class, but has not given up fashion completely. This week she is tasked with styling the twins, Chole and Jazz, who are trying to re-do their image to appear more sexy to the masses at Cal-U and future sponsors. The twins are at Cal-U on a full scholarship but we all know that it doesn’t pay for everything, and they need the extra income sponsorships would provide. Zoey is all to happy to assist them in leveraging their marketability and she see’s an opportunity for herself to advanced as a stylist and make some money on the side as well.

Zoey’s first look for the twins does not go well at all. They were like, “We look like dead white women in those black and white movies where there are no black people.”

The twins think that vintage means dead people wore the clothing first and they keep calling them “ghost” clothes, which Zoey finds very annoying and I find equally hilarious. Zoey always looks put together, I want her to come style me, but the twins are not feeling her style and want to be more sexy because that’s what sells. They do have a point, and we all have Instagram to thank for that, oh and Kim K.

Ana and Aaron are still trying to keep their flirtation on the low, except he falls asleep in her bed and she has to sneak him out of the house before anyone sees him. You guys, I am still on the fence about them, still…. Is it weird he and Zoey dated first? Zoey probably would wish them well, but Ana is feeling awkward about his past and she should, she is dating her best friends EX. Tre awkward Ana, but like, I wish you all the best. It reminds me of A Different World when Ron and Kim dated for SEASONS, then all of a sudden they broke up and he and Freddie were dating, moved in together and were in LOVE. I was like WTF Debbie Allen! Who wrote this? How? Why? That feeling I had then, is the same feeling I have now, with Ana and Aaron.  I hear they get a major storyline boost next week so we will see how that plays out..

Jazz and Chloe take matters into their own hands and pose for photos in underwear and bra’s only, while holding track shoes. Zoey does not approve, and neither does Jazz’s boyfriend Doug. He tells her what she is doing is selfish and he doesn’t like other guys looking at her, he compares her photo’s to soft porn. Zoey hates to agree with him, she is not proud of the direction the twins went in, especially since they tagged her in the photo’s and said she styled them. Luca tells Zoey that the reason she is not feeling the look is because she didn’t style it! Duh Zoey! The girl has true talent and he reminds her that Michelle Obama thought she was FIRE. This is the push Zoey needs to make her feelings known to Jazz. Chloe is not comfortable showing her body the way her sister is, but she is afraid to tell her how she feels until someone tries to grab their ass and pose for a picture, all because of those photo’s they took. This altercation leads to a heart to heart with Zoey and some hard truths for Jazz, I don’t think her and Doug will make up anytime soon. Zoey tells Jazz that as her stylist she is not condemning what the twins did, however as her friend she thinks they could have approached their look in a different way. Zoey tells her that they can still be “edgy” and “sexy” without showing every part of their bodies and people will still like them and follow them. Jazz agrees to let Zoey style her again and people loved her look! Everyone except Doug, he is still pissed off. Oh well, next thing you know the writers will have Jazz start dating Vivek. Until next week guys.

All photo’s courtesy of Freeform


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