Zutara, Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Katara and Zuko felt like they were on the same level. Neither was there to fix the other or save them from the dark and deadly that they came across. But they had each other’s backs and were willing to forgive and grow together. Also, they felt more natural and like if given the proper time and care could’ve ended up being an epic OTP. There. We said it. The disappointment was real when Legend of Korra came around and Katara and Zuko married other people. We knew and remembered the ending of the first part. But still, could’ve done better!

Ichabbie, Sleepy Hollow


What even was this? Setup on top of setup on top of setup to then pull a super shocking death card on us? Is that really what TV thinks we want? Because, let me tell you something, Sleepy Hollow, if we’d known this is what you were going to do to our hearts from the beginning, we definitely would have never tuned in or allowed ourselves to fall in love with the possibilities between Ichabod and Abbie.

Dragon Queen, Once Upon A Time


Were we the only ones feeling the sparks every time these two were on screen together? Besides, you can’t tell me they didn’t throw some hints at some love affair gone wrong in the past. It was totally there! If the show had been smart, they would have explored a coupling of two of the most powerful Disney villains. Now that would be an OTP we’d been talking about for years to come. But I guess they had to go with safe. Oh, well.

Bensler, Law and Order: SVU


This is one that we’ve been scratching our head over for years and years and years. Why didn’t it happen? Were they never planning to or did they miss their window and then the actor left and that was that? Because we sure felt like these two had a connection that on one else could rival, and then we just ended up with …well, nothing. Talk about disappointment.

Agree? Disagree? Have any other couples you wish had happened? Share with us in the comments below!

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