Lucy/Carter, ER


Look, we always wanted it, and Noah Wyle’s opinion on the matter is something we are just choosing to ignore, okay? This made sense, and if we’ve learned something from Grey’s Anatomy is that it totally absolutely can happen, and it can work, or not, because on Grey’s everyone dies, but on ER not everyone dies, except Lucy did, and now we just want to cry.

Agent Reign, Supergirl


Honestly, we just loved Sam Arias so much and we would have taken any way for her to stay on the show, and yes, we know she was Reign and all of that, but she was also kind and loving Sam, and she and Alex seemed to have this connection that could have been so much more had the show just allowed it to be. But, alas, that was to be left a mere possibility that never really materialized.

Braime, Game of Thrones


Oh, the sweet promise of this ship. Brienne was the honorable warrior no one believed in, Jamie the man who did dishonorable things for honorable reasons. And yet they found each other, they went through hell together, they saved each other, physically and metaphorically, and they became better just by knowing each other. Which is why we’ve been waiting for seasons and seasons for just, like …a look. A brief touch. SOMETHING. Can we get like a little emotion before the end, Game of Thrones? You owe us that much.

Captain Canary, Legends of Tomorrow


I know you’re going to say this happened, but a goodbye kiss before one of them dies does not canon make. We deserved more from this ill-fated couple that we never expected to love, but that clicked in a way few characters in the DCTV universe have ever clicked before. And we’ll never stop mourning what could have been, even though we’ve seen a few different versions of Captain Cold. NOT. THE SAME. Legends of Tomorrow. NOT THE SAME.

Cartinelli, Agent Carter

Peggy Carter GIF

At the core of this non canon couple is the friendship between these two amazing women. Angie acts as a touch stone or a guiding light that grounds Peggy in the midst of all the crazy Marvel stuff that she’s dealing with. And Peggy is Angie’s savior in a way. Peggy is that wow woman who she aspires to be like, and that she understands on a personal level despite their differences. Plus the way they looked at each other. Girl, take those heteronormative shades off. Definitely queer!


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